December 21, 2011

Court Decides for Sutter Health in San Leandro Hospital Legal Battle

In a ruling issued today, the First Appellate Court of Appeal decided in favor of Sutter Health in its legal battle with the Eden Township Healthcare District. This means that the fate of San Leandro Hospital could rest with Sutter Health, unless the decision is appealed to and accepted by the California Supreme Court.

Eden Township's legal case rested on an argument that former District CEO George Bischalaney and board member Dr. Francisco Rico had a financial conflict of interest. The court found that "the only reasoned conclusion that can be reached here is that neither of the health care professionals whose actions are in question, Bischalaney or Rico, was afflicted with a conflict of interest that precluded them from participating in the 2008 agreements concerning the general operation and management of the District‘s public hospitals."

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December 11, 2011

World War II Bomb Found at San Leandro Metal Recycler

Photo courtesy of San Leandro Police Department

According to a press release from the San Leandro Police Department, workers at Alco Iron and Metal discovered a World War II bomb in one of three loads of scrap metal.

After police evacuated nearby areas, the Alameda County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad determined that the bomb was inert, with no explosives or firing device.

The words "BOMB" and "AVERAGE WT. 748" were stenciled on the side of the inert bomb. There was no information as to the source of the device and the incident was over in less than two hours.

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December 5, 2011

San Leandro Police Press Conference on Black Friday Walmart Shooting

On Tuesday, November 29, 2011, the San Leandro Police Department held a press conference to announce the identity of the suspected shooter in the Black Friday robbery and shooting at Walmart. The suspected shooter was identified as 29-year-old Detwone Watson. Another suspect, Tony Phillips, 20, was restrained by the robbery victims until police arrived. San Leandro Police also released surveillance video from Walmart that shows the robbery and shooting. The shooting victim, Christopher Murillo, was shot in the neck, but survived.

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December 4, 2011

San Leandro Community Members to be Honored at Monday City Council Meeting

According to a press release issued November 28, 2011, on Monday, December 5, 2011, the San Leandro City Council will present awards to members of the community to recognize their leadership.

The Mayor's Award of Excellence will be presented to Chad Pennebaker, president of the San Leandro Scholarship Foundation for the past six years and a frequent volunteer in San Leandro schools.

The Mayor's Award for Excellence in Business will be presented to J. Patrick Kennedy, the President and founder of OSIsoft, and the force behind Lit San Leandro, a project to create a fiber-optic loop around the City.

In District 1, Deborah Cox will be honored for her work as the President and founder of the San Leandro Education Foundation, President of the Estudillo Homeowners Association, leadership in school groups, including parcel tax and bond campaigns, and her service on the Boards of Leadership San Leandro, PACE, and the California Conservatory Theater.

In District 2, Charles Gilcrest will be honored for his service on the Human Services Commission and Board of Zoning Adjustments. Gilcrest is also President of the Business Association of South San Leandro and the Halcyon Foothill Neighborhood Association. Gilcrest serves as a campaign consultant and ran against Councilmember Ursula Reed in 2008.

In District 3, Lee Thomas will be honored for his service as President of the Floresta Homeowner's Association, on the Human Services Commission and the Board of Zoning Adjustments. Thomas also serves on the Shoreline Development Citizen’s Advisory Committee.

In District 4, Marti Lantz will be honored for her service as President of the Washington Homeowners Association, leadership in school groups, and is a Regional Director with Naval Sea Cadet Corps.

In District 5, Anna and John Tandi will be honored for their service as volunteers with Anna on the Board of Friends of San Leandro Creek and involvement at St. Leander Church and school groups and John as a member of the Buon Tempo Club, the Elks Club, and Moose Club.

In District 6, Carole Rinaldi, will honored for her service on the Library-Historical Commission, President of the Marina Faire Homeowner's Association, and the Shoreline Development Citizen's Advisory Committee. Rinaldi has also coordinated the Leadership San Leandro program for the past 15 years.

The awards began in 1999 when former Mayor Shelia Young presented the Mayor's Award of Excellence to Tom Guarino for restarting the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce. The next year Susan Kleebauer received the Mayor's Award for her role in rebuilding the San Leandro Library.

These awards continued until Tony Santos was elected Mayor in 2006. Previous recipients, provided by Community Relations Representative Kathy Ornelas, are listed below.


  • District 1 – Ann Hague

  • District 2 – Doris Marx

  • District 3 – Joe Savio

  • District 4 – Eleanor Bolesworth

  • District 5 – Marie Lothrop

  • District 6 – Bessie Parafina

  • Mayor's Award of Excellence – Susan Kleebauer

  • District 1 – John Faria

  • District 2 – Lucille Kline

  • District 3 – Robert Kvam

  • District 4 – Madge Basuino

  • District 5 – Frank Cerruti

  • District 6 – Betty Bailey

  • Mayor's Award of Excellence – Dale Reed

  • District 1 – Pat Raposo

  • District 2 – Mary Bystedt

  • District 3 – Barbara Tierney

  • District 4 – Barbara Sidari

  • District 5 – Bob Grazzini

  • District 6 – Ernie Low

  • Mayor's Award of Excellence - City Manager Emeritus Wes McClure

  • Mayor’s Award of Excellence in Business - Larsen Brothers Lumber Company

  • District 1 – Bob Maginnis

  • District 2 – Greg Romani

  • District 3 – Bill Perras

  • District 4 – Evelyn Plate

  • District 5 – Denise Bownds Kaplan

  • District 6 – Esther Holcomb

  • Mayor's Award of Excellence – Martin A. Francis

  • Mayor’s Award of Excellence in Business – SL Chamber of Commerce


  • District 1 – Sara Zoffada

  • District 2 – Harold Kitzmann

  • District 3 – Peter DiGregorio

  • District 4 – Alban Cayere

  • District 5 – Shirley McManus

  • District 6 – Audrey Albers

  • Youth Leadership Award – Amy Fong

  • Mayor's Award of Excellence – Faith Frazier

  • Mayor’s Award of Excellence in Business – Ghirardelli Chocolate

  • District 1 – John Chovanes

  • District 2 – George Hansen and Janice Maldonado

  • District 3 – Verna Corum

  • District 4 – Simone Shuttleworth

  • District 5 – Tim Holmes

  • District 6 – Kent Myers

  • Youth Leadership Award – Karen Wong

  • Mayor's Award of Excellence – Maria and LeVern Cabral

  • Mayor’s Award of Excellence in Business – Deadrich Realty


  • District 1 – Kathe Frates

  • District 2 – The Reverend Sarah Reyes

  • District 3 – Caryl Ann Symons

  • District 4 – V.I.E.U. – Mission Bay

  • District 5 – Patty Silva

  • District 6 – Luster Knight

  • Youth Leadership Award – Norris Mei

  • Mayor's Award of Excellence – Heidi Finberg

  • Mayor’s Award of Excellence in Business – Kraft Foods

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