September 29, 2006

San Leandro Teen Creates Backyard Special Effects Show

The September 29, 2006, edition of the San Francisco Chronicle features an article about Andrew Vivas Anabu, a former San Leandro student at Moreau Catholic High School, who created a special effects show in his backyard. Anabu was inspired by Disney themes and a Terminator show at Universal Studios. The show was created for about $300 using bubble machines, spotlights, an electronic parrot, and video screens. Anabu said that he was teased and ridiculed at school and the show provided an escape. He is now at the Academy of Art college in San Francisco

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September 26, 2006

San Leandro Company Cleans Up Bay Area Buses

More than 1,700 diesel buses in the Bay Area are being fitted with diesel exhaust purifiers from San Leandro-based Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls. In a press conference scheduled for 1:30pm on Tuesday, September 26, 2006, at Treasure Island, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom will focus on the program that is cleaning up the exhaust from diesel buses. According to a press release from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, "these high-tech emission control filters each year capture more than 50 tons of particulate matter and 436 tons of oxides of nitrogen, a precursor to ozone."

Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls is located at 14775 Wicks Blvd. in San Leandro, California.

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September 20, 2006

San Leandro Chamber CEO Leaves for Chabot College Foundation

According to a press release from the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce, CEO Heidi Finberg will be leaving to take the newly-created position of Assistant Director for the Chabot College Foundation. Her appointment was confirmed by the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District Board of Trustees at its September 19, 2006, meeting.

Finberg served as CEO of the San Leandro Chamber since 2001. She also serves on the City of San Leandro Recreation and Parks Commission, San Leandro's Transit Oriented Development Citizens Advisory Committee, and is a member of The Sentinels and the Political Action Committee for Excellence (PACE). In an East Bay Business Times article, Finberg noted that she wants to run for political office. In 2002, she pulled papers to run for the District 5 City Council Seat in San Leandro and in 2006, she pulled papers to run for the Area 2 San Leandro School Board Seat, but both times she decided not to run.

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Find out about medians going up on E. 14th Street from San Leandro Blvd. to 150th Avenue

From the City of San Leandro web site:

A neighborhood meeting concerning median improvements for the southern portion of East 14th Street will be held on Wednesday, September 20, at 6:30 p.m. at the San Leandro Public Library, located at 300 Estudillo Avenue. Area residents, property owners, businesses and community groups are invited to attend. The medians are being developed to reduce the likelihood of vehicle collisions and to provide a safe refuge for pedestrians crossing East 14th Street. To learn more, contact Nick Thom at (510) 577-3431.

The median will run from San Leandro Boulevard to 150th Avenue and will include raised concrete with landscaping and trees.

More information, including presentations and renderings of what the improvments might look like, is also available from the City of San Leandro East 14th Street South Area Development Strategy web site.

Photo rendering of intersection of 143 Avenue and E. 14th Street

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Fundraiser at Tommy T's on Sept. 27 to Help Rebuild Pee Wee's Pizza

Tommy T's in Pleasanton will hold a fundraiser on Wednesday, September 27, 2006, to help rebuild Pee Wee's Pizza, which was gutted by a fire on September 5, 2006. Comedian Mike Marino is the featured performer that night at 8pm. Tickets are $10.

Pee Wee's Pizza is owned by Eddie Tarin and is located at 2198 E. 14th St. in San Leandro. The Caselli family opened Pee Wee's in 1953, but Tarin inherited the restaurant and has been running it since 1993.

More details available in the Daily Review article.

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September 13, 2006

Former San Leandro Officer Up for US District Court Position

In a press release issued on September 12, 2006, Senator Dianne Feinstein asked the Senate Judiciary Committee to approve the nomination of former San Leandro Police Officer Lawrence O'Neill to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California (Fresno Division). Senator Barbara Boxer also supports his nomination to the judiciary.

O'Neill was a San Leandro Police Officer after he attended Berkeley and before he received his law degree from Hastings College of Law.

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Woman Found Dead in Apartment

Early Monday, September 11, 2006, Sonia Ilustre, 47, was found dead in an apartment in the 300 block of Williams Street in San Leandro. According to Lt. Marc DeCoulode of the San Leandro Police Department, they believe that someone entered the apartment and struck Ilustre with a blunt object that killed her between 9:30pm Sunday and about 2:45am Monday. No suspect has been arrested.

This is the second homicide of the year. On July 31, 2006, Daryl Lamar Pierson was shot and killed at the Quik Stop Market at 1001 MacArthur Boulevard.

Update: More information about Sonia Ilustre from UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism.

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September 12, 2006


WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Representative Pete Stark (D-CA) today responded to Majority Leader John Boehner's comments about Democrats' commitment to keep America safe.

"John Boehner talks tough on terror, but he and his Republican colleagues have gone soft on Osama bin Laden,” said Stark. “I wonder what it would take for Boehner to crack the whip and demand accountability from a Bush Administration that has spent five years undermining American security. Boehner and the Rubber-Stamp Republicans in Congress ignored Administration lies about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and excused a pathetic lack of postwar planning. They’ve refused to implement the bipartisan 9/11 Commission’s recommendations or hold Donald Rumsfeld accountable for his many failures as Defense Secretary. I listen to my Republicans friends, and I wonder if they are more interested in keeping their jobs than they are in saving the lives of our men and women in uniform –- more than 2500 of whom have died tragic deaths in a counterproductive and never-ending War in Iraq.”

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Phone Bank for Democracy

We have signed up to host a Call For Change party organized by Political Action and you, our readers, are invited to join us. At the parties, we will be calling voters in the really competitive Congressional races across the country.

The party should be a lot of fun too. We will get up-to-date reports on how the key races are going, and there are always a lot of great people there. Besides, with so many races so close, every call is one step closer to winning.

You can sign up for the Call For Change Phone Party we're hosting at

Here are the details of my event:
Phone Bank for Democracy
Our home near downtown San Leandro
Saturday, 16 Sep 2006, 2:00 PM

More info after you sign up

We hope you'll sign up.

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San Leandro Bytes mentioned in the Daily Review

Today in a Daily Review article about the San Leandro School Board San Leandro Bytes was mentioned! Mike Katz, the author of this blog and current candidate for the School Board, has attended every single regular and special meeting of the School Board for the last few months and has published his notes both here and, until he resigned to avoid a conflict of interests, at the San Leandro Community Action Network website. Mike believes that the actions of the Board should be transparent and easily accessible to its stakeholders.

You can find more information about Mike's race at, and by attending his "meet the candidate" coffee at Zocalo on Friday Sep. 15th from 8:30 - 10 AM. We hope to see you there!

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September 11, 2006

CalTrans Awards Contract for Widening 238 and Improving Interstate 880

According to a press release from Royal BAM Group nv, its subsidiary, Flatiron Construction, has been awarded a $91 million contract from the California Department of Transporation to "widen and rehabilitate I-238/I-580 and place rubberized asphalt concrete overlay along I-880." The 238/I-880 interchange will be re-done and bridges will be widened and retrofitted.

CalTrans awarded the contract on August 17, 2006, and the project is scheduled to be completed in June 2009.

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Meet Diana Souza, City Council Candidate, Thursday at Zocalo Coffeehouse

Diana Souza will be at Zocalo Coffeehouse at 7pm on Thursday September 14, 2006. This is an opportunity for voters to meet Souza and learn about her and her campaign. Souza is a candidate for the District 3 City Council seat currently held by Glenda Nardine. Her opponent in the run-off election is Julian Polvorosa.

In the June 2006 primary, Souza received 5399 (41.39%) votes while Polvorosa received 5196 (39.83%) votes. Since neither candidate received more than 50% of the votes, they will face off in the November 7, 2006, general election.

Zocalo Coffeehouse is located at 645 Bancroft Avenue in San Leandro.

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September 10, 2006

Come meet Mike Katz

Mike will be at Zocalo Friday September 15th from 8:30 to 10 AM meeting the public, answering questions about his race for School Board and listening to suggestions as to how to make our schools better. If you are concerned about San Leandro schools, or just want to meet the principal author of this block, drop by Zocalo and get to know him. Hope to see you there!

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September 9, 2006

Test Results and Residency Verification Data Presented at Sep. 6, 2006, School Board Meeting

At the start of its September 6, 2006, meeting, the San Leandro School Board announced that it had hired Bradley Frazier as the Adult School Vice Principal during closed session.

All members of the School Board were present and two members of the public were present.

During a public hearing on the sufficiency of instructional materials for 2006-2007, there were no public comments.

The student report by an SLHS student resulted in feedback that the SLHS students want to know why the new fence has been installed. According to the student, there are rumors floating around as to why the fence was installed.

David Lorden, Director of Student Support Services, presented information on the residency verification program at the high school, middle school, kindergarten, and all students new to the district. Three documents that prove residency are required and home visits are conducted if the documents are not available. So far, 140 home visits have been conducted, resulting in 36 students not being enrolled. Of those 36, 10 home visits did not verify the student's residency, 22 home visits verified the student's residency but there was none of the required documentation, and four home visits where falsified information was discovered.

At the start of its September 6, 2006, meeting, the San Leandro School Board announced that it had hired Bradley Frazier as the Adult School Vice Principal during closed session.

All members of the School Board were present and two members of the public were present.

During a public hearing on the sufficiency of instructional materials for 2006-2007, there were no public comments.

The student report by an SLHS student resulted in feedback that the SLHS students want to know why the new fence has been installed. According to the student, there are rumors floating around as to why the fence was installed.

David Lorden, Director of Student Support Services, presented information on the residency verification program at the high school, middle school, kindergarten, and all students new to the district. Three documents that prove residency are required and home visits are conducted if the documents are not available. So far, 140 home visits have been conducted, resulting in 36 students not being enrolled. Of those 36, 10 home visits did not verify the student's residency, 22 home visits verified the student's residency but there was none of the required documentation, and four home visits where falsified information was discovered.

Trustee Ray Davis asked how the residency verification program dealt with the issue of electronic bill payment, in which required documentation may not be available. Lorden responded that companies usually have a way to produce the required documentation but agreed that this was an issue in some cases.

Trustee Louis Heystek asked who was conducting the home visits and Lorden responded that they were being conducted by an SLHS campus supervisor, a substitute teacher, a secretary and other. Lorden acknowledged that this left him short-staffed at times. Heystek also expressed concern about ongoing residency verification and Lorden stated that there were some students whose families were in crisis, which meant that required documentation couldn't be produced, but the students were legitimately enrolled.

Trustee Lisa Hague suggested that addresses and names found to fail residency verification be kept on some sort of list so that that future residency verification would pay close attention when they were seen again.

Trustee Stephen Cassidy asked about the numbers involved in verifying residency and Lorden said that approximately 50 students weren't verified at Bancroft on the first day, but that number dropped to 15 by the second day. Cassidy also asked how hard it would be to fake the information and Lorden acknowledged it could be done. Superintendent Christine Lim pointed out that the district already has a policy of red-flagging any mail sent to parents that is returned.

The second presentation was a set of PowerPoint slides by Wendy Ponder, Assistant Director of Categorical Programs, Judith Cameron, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, and Daniel Chaja, Assistant Director of Research and Program Evaluation, highlighting state and federal testing results. The information included California Standards Test (CST) results in English Language Arts, Math and Science; state Academic Performance Index (API) results; and federal Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) results; and Program Improvement status for several schools. The information presented showed that San Leandro school and the district as a whole have shown improvement in test scores over the past three to four years, but that improvement has been at a slower rate than other school systems in Alameda County.

Trustee Linda Perry noted that the mobility rate for students in the district has always been high and that San Leandro schools have greater diversity than most other districts in Alameda County. When asked by Heystek about the data collection, Chaja said that they were using a new database and that they didn't have to go through file folders of paper any more.

Cassidy observed that San Leandro had the lowest aggregate API growth in Alameda County compared to similar districts and that we were "struggling at the middle school and high school levels" while doing better at the elementary level. Cassidy noted that Latinos were the only group with lower test scores at the middle and high schools, which has a large impact, because Latinos comprise 40% of the district's students. He also observed that SLHS had some of the lowest API scores for Latinos as a group compared to other Alameda County high schools.

Cameron agreed with Cassidy's assessment and Cassidy went on to note a recent study that suggested that there needs to be more focus on student expectations and confidence than on teacher expectations.

During public testimony, a man pursuing a discrimination complaint against the school district received clarification for the next step of his appeal after he returned from Ghana.

Head Custodian Billy Campbell spoke about a recent two-day training seminar for all custodians and said he was impressed by the camaraderie and the outstanding job done by the custodians and Waxie Sanitary representative Armando Soto. He also said that there would be an article appearing the San Leandro Times and that he was very proud of how the floor looked at Bancroft Gym.

Cassidy pulled one item off of the consent calendar concerning Heystek's request for a resolution certifying that his absence from the August 24, 2006, School Board meeting was due to hardship. Cassidy noted that a vacation should not be considered a hardship. Heystek responded that the meeting was called on such short notice that there is no way he could change his plans. Board President Pauline Cutter noted that the policy committee should take this up, as has been suggested at a previous board meeting.

The consent calendar, with the exception of Heystek's hardship resolution, was approved unanimously. The hardship resolution was approved six to one, with Cassidy voting against its approval.

The board also unanimously approved the job description and position to support the After School Education Safety Grant and the Education for Homeless Children and Youth Grant. Assistant Superintendent Cindy Cathey said that she worked with the Davis Street Family Resource Center, Building Futures with Women and Children, and the Alameda County Office of Education in order to secure the $100,000 grant.

During comments from the Board, Cassidy once again cited the Science Magazine article and also discussed the attempt by the Los Angeles mayor to take over control of the Los Angeles school system.

Hague, Heystek, and Trustee Rick Richards commended the staff while Perry noted that she attended the teacher orientation and observed that the information packet was excellent. Perry also noted that the next meeting with parents at Jefferson was scheduled for 6pm September 13, 2006, at the Jefferson library.

Davis stated that the district should recognize the $2,000 contribution of the metal workers to the metal shop and also reminded the superintendent to notify the City Council and Mayor of the date for the adult school opening.

Cutter said it was good that Lorden had the students' interests at heart and that a letter to Soto's employer or some sort of recognition should be given to him.

The meeting was then adjourned.

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Phone Bank for Measure B: McKinley Nights

If your kids go (or will go) to McKinley Elementary (or even if they don't) be sure to come to the Phone Bank for Measure B (the School Bond measure) and help us pass the bond! McKinley Phone Bank nights are Monday September 25th, Wednesday October 11th and Wednesday November 1st, from 6 PM to 8 PM. Phone banking is at 14895 East 14th Street at Hesperian, Suite #270.

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A website and a blog

Measure B, the school bond measure, which would raise $109M to build a new 9th grade academy, a performing arts center and provide much needed repairs and upgrading for all San Leandro schools, has a website now. You can find it at:

It's still incomplete, but the basics about the measure are there. Keep checking the website for more information.

Also, Mike Katz now has a campaign blog that you can visit at His website of course, is at Mike is running for School Board; visit his site to find out more about his campaign.

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September 7, 2006

City Finance Committee Gives Go-Ahead to Cherry Festival and Sunday Library Hours

In its September 5, 2006, meeting the Finance Committee voted two to one to approve bringing back the Cherry Festival, bringing back Sunday library hours (4 hours), adding a school resource officer, restoring full funding to community groups, and putting up holiday lights. Mayor Shelia Young and Council Member Joyce Starosciak voted to approve the items totaling an estimated $400,000 while Council Memebr Bill Stephens voted against approval.

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Council Approves Hays Street Project WIth Conditions; Decision on Monster House Delayed

All members of the City Council were present for the first meeting after the August recess on September 5, 2006. Mayor Shelia Young started the meeting by changing the order of the public hearings. The two public hearings were to discuss a development at 1537 Hays Street and construction of a 10,679 square-foot house at 2888 Darius Way.

The Board of Zoning Adjustments (BZA) approved PLN2005-00063, a Major View Preservation/Site Plan Review and Height Exception on July 20, 2006, by a vote of five to 2. The exception was for a planned house at property owned by M. Luong at 2888 Darius Way. The proposed house would have seven bedrooms, seven and a half bathrooms plus a carriage house with a bedroom and bathroom. Wayland Lew has appealed the decision of the BZA and it was on the agenda for the meeting. However, the applicant (Luong) and appellant (Lew) asked for the City Council to delay hearing the appeal until October 16, 2006.

The second item began with a presentation by city staff about a plan by David Langon of Langon Homes to construct six single-family homes at 1537 Hays Street, where currently there is one house. The presentation noted that the project was actually for fewer houses (6) than is permitted by its current zoning (8). As a result of objections by neighbors residing at the Garden Terrace condominiums adjacent to the property, the the developer agreed to increase the setback from the property from 10 to 12.5 feet, install trellises to screen the view of a portion of the backyards of the houses, install frosted glass on the bedroom windows, install an arbor at the entrance to the development, and reimburse Garden Terrace for cleaning of the north wall and windows after construction is completed. The staff recommended that the project be approved.

David Langon, the developer, said that he was "surprised by the opposition" and that he "had many meetings with" residents of the Garden Terrace Condominiums. He told the City Council that he was trying to get the house certified as "green" and would recycle and re-use as much of the existing home as possible.

During public comments on the public hearing for the Hays Street project, numerous residents of Garden Terrace Condominiums spoke out against the proposed development. Virginia Eldridge claimed that city codes were violated because the sunlight and view of the Garden Terrace owners was not being respected and because the city did not work closely with the neighboring residents. Kathy Goodall asked for the setback to increased to 15 feet, a review of the landscape design, and an extension so that these concerns can be addressed. Lester Williams was visibly upset as he complained that it was wrong that he had to come to the City Council to defend his property. Garden Terrace Condominium Association President Melinda Jackson echoed the concerns of the other residents.

Bob and Kathy Sosa, residents of a house on Juana Avenue, expressed concern that the entire block might end up as multi-residential housing, stating that "this project will not be the end of it." Toni Mobley, a member of the San Leandro Downtown Transit-Oriented Development Strategy Citizen Advisory Committee, asked the City Council whether any of the units would be designated as affordable housing and expressed compassion for those residents facing a loss of sunlight because of the new development.

In his rebuttal to the opponents of the project, Langon noted that the opponents were living in higher density housing and that the project is a "compromise from what could be built there."

Vice Mayor Surlene Grant requested that construction be prohibited on Saturday and Sunday, that rodent control is adequate during construction, and that the requirement for frosted glass be part of a CCNR or deed restriction to ensure that residents cannot replace the windows with non-frosted glass.

Council Member Glenda Nardine expressed concern about the loss of sunlight and said that she wanted a homeowner association to be a condition for the project.

Council Member Joyce Starosciak also asked about whether the project included affordable housing and Hansom Hom, the Community Development Director for San Leandro, responded that the property was subject to inclusionary zoning and affordable housing units were not required. However, the development would be subject to an inclusionary housing fee that would go into a fund to assist affordable housing projects. Starosciak was concerned about how maintenance of the arbor and other common areas would be enforced. When city staff pointed out that the owners would be responsible for enforcing their maintenance of the property, Starosciak called for a homeowners association or some other method of enforcement that did not rely upon the city to enforce maintenance and upkeep of the common areas of the development.

Council Member OB Badger subsequently motioned to approve the project subject to restrictions that prohibited construction on Sunday, and after a brief discussion, limited construction to between the hours of 10am and 4pm on Saturday. Other restrictions included the maintenance of the common areas by a homeowner association or equivalent, further review of landscaping plans, and the use of only frosted glass on bedroom windows. After unanimous approval of the motion, Mayor Young thanked developer Dave Langon for attempting to build housing that is certified "green."

During the open public comments, Ray Diaz expressed dismay that howeowners that rent their houses are required to have a city business license and that he could be subject to paying the business license retroactively for up to three years.

Former San Leandro Mayor John Faria expressed dismay at the recent article in the Daily Review, which caused him to call City Manager John Jermanis and City Council Members Tony Santos and OB Badger. He asked why the Jane McCrea, the city's Public Information Officer, wasn't aware of the work that was done in the 1980s about the potential for flooding caused by a failure of the earthen dam at Lake Chabot. He recalled that they knew that a failure of the dam would result in four feet of water at City Hall within 30 minutes and 15 feet of water at Bancroft within 15 minutes.

Harold Perez thanked City Council member Santos for helping to get rid of some junk cars on his street and then moved on to complain about the pit bulls at his neighbor's house. He also complained that Anthony Batarse, Jr. [President and Chief Executive Officer of Lloyd A. Wise Inc.] had claimed that his family needed to move into some houses he owned and then turned around and sold the houses.

Lester Williams took the opportunity to again oppose the Hays Street development and said that the owners of condos adversely impacted by the project should be compensated.

City Manager Jermanis responded that blanket notifications were sent out about the business license requirement, but indicated that there could be some flexibility in whether business license fees would be collected retroactively. He also noted that the business licensee fee for homeowners that rented their home was $42 per year. He also stated that the City should do more to get out the word about its emergency plan and information about the potential for flooding caused by the failure of the Lake Chabot Dam. He said that the city has talked to EBMUD, which has assured the City that the earthen dam is in little danger of collapse during an earthquake. As he has done in the past, Jermanis encouraged Mr. Diaz to continue contacting the police and animal control about his neighbor's pit bulls and noted that every time the police respond, the dogs appear to be back in the owner's yard.

Council members Starosciak and Nardine and Mayor Young reported that they attended the California Association of Sanitation Agencies conference held in Monterey August 9-12, 2006.

Council member Nardine also reported that she attended the August transit-oriented development meeting at Bayfair, but provided no details of the meeting. She also stated that businesses seem to be disappearing in the Alvarado and Teagarden area and would like the Business Development Committee to report back to the Council on this.

After Nardine mentioned a fallen fence on Alvarado, Starosciak also noted a fallen fence on Lewelling. City staff reported that they were aware of it and were working on it.

Santos said that Charles Lott had written a letter to the editor of the Daily Review asking about the 580 sound wall project. Young said that she knew about it and said that after some funding issues and delays, the project was going forward and construction would start in 2007.

Young also reported that she signed a proclamation for the anniversary of the 219th anniversary of the signing of the US Constitution. The meeting was adjourned in the memory of numerous people who had recently passed away.

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McKinley PTO Meeting shows great things to come

Last night was the first meeting of McKinley's elementary PTO for the year. In recent years the PTO had suffered for a lack of participation but it seems parents are showing more enthusiasm and commitment to the school. About 30 parents crowded the small library room where the meeting was held. They included people from all ethnic backgrounds and the whole socio-economic spectrum, including several non-English speakers. There was much enthusiasm for participating in the fundraisers planned for the year, and new fundraisers that were proposed.

Fundraisers for this year will include a Bookfair, a BBQ Night, a "Gift Tree" and a greeting card fundraiser. A Halloween Party and a Night Under the Stars/Pizza Night with an Astronomer are among the activities planned.

The McKinley PTO also voted to endorse Measure B, the School Bond measure that will build a 9th grade academy, a performing's art center and provide much needed repairs for all the schools in San Leandro.

The next PTO meeting will be on Oct. 4th.

Go McKinley!

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September 6, 2006

Pee Wee's Pizza Suffers Roof Damage from Fire

Local pizzeria Pee Wee's suffered roof and internal damage from a one-alarm fire early Tuesday morning, September 5, 2006. The fire was reported to authorities at about 5am and took about 20 minutes for firefighters to extinguish. One firefighter suffered a sprained ankle. Firefighters are investigating the cause of the fire as the front door was open when firefighters arrived. Arson investigators were on the scene most of the day Tuesday.

The only visible damage is a broken window covered by some wood but the inside of Pee Wee's was gutted by the fire.

Pee Wee's is located at 2198 E. 14th Street.

More details from the San Leandro Times.

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San Leandro Politicians Celebrate Labor Day With Labor

San Leandro politicians were out in force at the Labor Day BBQ with the Central Labor Council of Alameda County as they kicked off the campaign for the general election. San Leandro City Council member and mayoral candidate Tony Santos, City Council member Joyce Starosciak, City Council candidate Diana Souza, School Board Vice President Stephen Cassidy, and School Board candidate Mike Katz were on-hand for event, which featured California gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides.

The event featured labor-endorsed candidates and elected officials listing the top ten reasons to vote for Phil Angelides. Democratic candidates Ellen Corbett and Mary Hayashi and Attorney General Bill Lockyer (former member of the San Leandro School Board) were three of the politicians that listed reasons for voting for Angelides.

Former San Leandro Mayor and Democratic Nominee for California State Senate Ellen Corbett

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September 5, 2006

Flooding? In San Leandro?

Although it's unlikely, the failure of the dam at Lake Chabot would be devastating for San Leandro. Inundation maps showing time it would take water from the dam to reach areas of San Leandro and the depth of the water are available at San Leandro City Hall, the county's Emergency Operation Center in San Leandro and in the Office of Emergency Services.

In the Daily Review article, San Leandro's Public Information Officer Jane McCrea states, "It's very difficult if not impossible to say what the scenario would be if the dam broke." "We'll use the alerting and warning system and get information out as quickly as we can. I don't think we can say, 'Here's this plan and you're going to follow it for a dam failure.' The city is putting its effort into disasters that are more likely. There are a limited amount of emergency resources."

David Larson, chairman of the geography and environmental studies department at California State University, East Bay, describe McCrea's reasoning as "faulty logic."

Lake Chabot contains an estimated three billion gallons of water and is about a quarter mile from the Hayward Fault. The Upper San Leandro Reservoir contains an additional 13 billion gallons of water.

Also see this Daily Review article for more information.

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September 4, 2006

Billboards for Mayor Shelia Young

At least two billboards on E. 14th Street thanking Mayor Shelia Young have appeared in the past few weeks. Mayor Young was elected to the City Council in 1996 to represent District 2. She served two years before she was elected Mayor in 1998 and served two consecutive terms as Mayor of San Leandro. She ran for the District 3 County Supervisor seat in the June 2006 election and lost by a narrow margin to incumbent Alice Lai-Bitker.


Update: Michael Colbruno, the Vice President for Governmental Affairs for Clear Channel Outdoor, was responsible for the billboards.

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September 1, 2006

Camaro Crashes Into Parked Cars Near Le Soleil on E.14th Street

A brand new black Chevy Camaro smashed into two parked vehicles at approximately 6:50pm Thursday night, August 31, 2006, frightening customers at Le Soleil and Baskin Robbins near Pelton Center. The force of the crash broke the front suspension of a Honda Accord and pushed a Chevy Trailblazer up onto the sidewalk, bending a parking meter and breaking the vehicle's rim. After the crash, the heavily-damaged Camaro backed up and sped away. Witnesses tried to identify the vehicle by its license plate number, but the vehicle appeared to be new and did not have a license plate.



An unmarked police car arrived at the scene shortly after the suspects fled and witnesses told the officers in which direction to go. The Camaro was followed to the San Leandro BART station by witnesses where they were arrested. At this time, no information about the suspects is available. The case number is 06-34559.

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