February 25, 2005

The Bal Can be Yours - For $750,000

San Leandro's historic Bal Theatre is for sale at a list price of $750,000. The Bal, as you may recall, re-opened with great promise in August 2000. After the city revoked the theatre's permit in 2001, the theatre hasn't seen much use. It's currently part of a the NAZ8 chain of theatres and screens films from South Asia, Iran, China, Taiwan, Korea and the Philippines.

The Bal doesn't have much of any off-street parking, which means that the City of San Leandro greatly restricts its use. This makes the property unattractive to potential buyers who might want to show movies or stage live performances in the theatre.

Opening night at The Bal, 2000
Opening Night at The Bal

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February 22, 2005

Another San Leandro Man Dies on Freeway

36-year-old San Leandro resident Ngoc Ha died today from head injuries suffered from an accident on Interstate 880 near the Fremont-Newark border on Friday, Februrary 18, 2005. Ngoc Ha was in a car that was struck after an unsafe lane change caused a 1989 Honda to hit another car before striking the guard rail and then hitting a 1992 Chevrolet in which Ngoc Ha was riding.

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February 14, 2005

San Leandro Man Dies 10 Days After Hit-and-Run

Omar Fontillas of San Leandro died on February 12, 2005, of injuries he received from a hit-and-run accident that occured on Interstate 980 in Oakland on February 2, 2005.

From news reports, it is unclear whether Fontillas had stopped to assist another motorist or he was the driver who needed assistance. Fontillas was struck by an SUV, which subsequently fled the scene.

Police are looking for a 1989 light green Ford Bronco with a tan top that struck Fontillas. If you've seen the Bronco or have any information about the hit-and-run, contact the California Highway Patrol at (510) 450-3821.

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February 7, 2005

One-year-old San Leandro Boy Missing Since Sunday

One-year-old Anthony Waller of San Leandro has been missing since Sunday, February 6, 2005. According to police, the child was with a relative visiting a beauty salon in Oakland when he disappeared. Police are looking for a woman named Jama'e who 16 years old, 5'3" tall, and weighs 180 pounds and was seen in the area.

Click here for the San Francisco Chronicle article.

Photograph of Anthony Waller:

Anthony Waller

Update: Oakland police found the suspect and the toddler late Monday/early Tuesday. The toddler was uninjured.

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Ricky's Rates As One of Nation's Best Sports Bars

Ricky's Sports Theatre and Grill was named by Sports Illustrated [Subscription needed] as the #2 sports bar in the United States.

Since you probably don't subscribe to Sports Illustrated, here's what they had to say about Ricky's:

"During the Oakland Raiders' 13 years of exile in Los Angeles, from 1982 to '95, Ricky's was the Penelope of sports bars. "We kept the torches burning," says owner Ricky Ricardo Jr. "All those years we never missed one Raiders game. One time there was a game on Ku Band, and we couldn't get the frequency, so we rented a dish for $1,000 to pick it up." When Oakland beat Minnesota in Super Bowl XI in 1977, the bar recorded the game on three-quarter-inch tape and replayed it three times a day for several weeks; one afternoon a bunch of Raiders players even came in to watch."

Congratulations to owner Ricky Ricardo, Jr.

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