July 22, 2004

Small Grass Fire Near BART

A small grass fire near the San Leandro BART station was quickly extinguished by firefighters early Thursday afternoon, July 22, 2004. The area burned was bordered by Alvarado St. and Martinez St. just west of the parking lot for the San Leandro BART station. Although the fire wasn't even a full one-alarm fire, the fire generated a large amount of smoke that got the attention of nearby residents. No injuries or damage to properties were reported.

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Do Traffic Laws Apply to San Leandro Police?

As I followed a San Leandro motorcycle police officer from E. 14th Street to Marina Blvd. today, I witnessed the officer disobey traffic laws no less than three times. There were no lights, no sirens, and the officer certainly wasn't in a rush to get anywhere. She failed to come to a complete stop at a red light at Washington Ave. and Marina Blvd and while traveling west on Marina Blvd., she changed lanes twice without signaling. I realize that the officer is very unlikely to be cited for these violations by another San Leandro police officer, but it begs the question: If the police don't respect traffic laws, why should anybody else?

I also wonder what the department policy is regarding use of cell phones while driving.

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Tutto Mio Runner-Up in 'Most Obsolete Office' Contest

San Leandro's Tutto Mio was the first runner-up in a nationwide Xerox contest to find the "Most Obsolete Office." Tutto Mio is a distributor and importer of Italian ceramics from the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany and Northern Italy.

The winner was Mad Science of Scottsdale, Arizona.

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July 14, 2004

Toddler Dies a Week After Falling in Pool

Three-year-old Anjelyca Tippery died on Tuesday, July 13, 2004, eight days after she was discovered at the bottom of a pool at Chateau Manor, 724 Lewelling Blvd. According to reports, she fell into the pool during a poolside picnic on July 5, 2004, while the babysitter was busy helping another child with a minor injury. Yet another reminder to be extremely careful if you have kids near water at any time. These are photos of the pool from SeeItBuyIt.com:

Chateau Manor Indoor Pool

Chateau Manor Indoor Pool

According to the posts at Apartment Ratings, it doesn't seem like it's a place you'd want to live.

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July 12, 2004

Rep. Pete Stark Coming to Town July 24

U.S. Congressional Representative Pete Stark will be holding a town hall meeting from 10:30am to 11:30am on Saturday, July 24, 2004, at the San Leandro Library, 300 Estudillo Avenue. The meeting will be held in the lecture hall.

You can be sure Rep. Stark will promote his usual agenda, including protecting Social Security and Medicare, improving health care and education, creating jobs, and protecting the environment and civil liberties. You'll also be sure to hear criticism of the Bush administration and on the ongoing fiasco in Iraq.

On the same Saturday, Rep. Stark will also be at the Ruggieri Senior Center at 33997 Alvarado Niles Rd. in Union City from 9am to 10am and at Alameda City Hall at 2263 Santa Clara Ave. from noon to 1pm.

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July 7, 2004

Smoky Scare at Oasis Laundry

Neighbors near the intersection of E. 14th Street and Estabrook Street spotted smoke coming from the roof of Oasis Laundry Wednesday night. Fortunately, there was smoke, but no fire. It turned out that some laundry had overheated in one of the laundromat's dryers.

An employee of the laundromat and the owner of the neighboring El Novillo Restaurant were inspecting the roof and neighbors were hosing down the roof as three fire engines arrived to assess the situation. After a group of firefighters entered the building, two firefighters climbed a ladder onto the roof.

A short while later, firefighters brought out two laundry carts of what appeared to be small pieces of white carpeting. Many of the pieces were smoking and some were red-hot and gave off sparks as the firefighters spilled them onto the parking lot outside the laundromat. The firefighters watered down the smoking carpet pieces and later placed a fan at the entrance of the laundromat to blow remaining smoke out of the building.

According to the manager, the damage to the laundromat was limited to some smoke damage from the dryer where the carpet pieces had been placed.

One of the fire trucks responding to the smoke at Oasis Laundry
One of the fire trucks responding to the smoke at Oasis Laundry.
The source of the smoke at Oasis Laundry
The carpet pieces that overheated in the dryer at Oasis Laundry.
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July 2, 2004

Islander Lodge Murder Suspect Turns Himself In

Brandon Cayce, 28, the suspect in the murder of Shenise McLemore at the Islander Lodge Motel on May 28, 2004, turned himself in at the San Leandro Police Department on Tuesday, July 1, 2004.

Mr. Cayce was previously sentenced to four years in prison after being convicted of rape in 1997. He was being sought on a $50,000 warrant for failing to register as a sex offender, but has not yet been charged with Ms. McLemore's murder.

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July 1, 2004

Bizarre Suicide at Military Recruiting Office

On Wednesday, June 30, 2004, a man walked into the Air Force section of the Armed Forces Career Center office at 15065 E. 14th St. in San Leandro, fired at least three shots at a recruiter, missed, and then turned the gun on himself.

According to police, the 42-year-old Hayward man died instantly, but left a handwritten note suggesting that he was targeting Air Force personnel. The police have not released the man's identity and do not yet have a motive for the attack.

Read more from the San Leandro Times and NBC Channel 11 or see the KTVU story video.

Update: The man has been identified as John William Martin. Accoring to police, Mr. Martin flunked out of basic training 20 years ago and at least two of the people listed on a note left at the scene were Martin's basic training instructors. Martin was dismissed from basic training in May 1984 after failing to meet physical fitness requirements.

San Leandro Armed Forces Career Center

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