January 28, 2004

Marijuana and San Leandro

While leaving the San Leandro Library tonight, I suprised a group of four high school students next to wall of the library on Estudillo smoking pot. I wouldn't even mention it, except that I was with my 22-month old daughter. And that reminds me of the girls I saw smoking pot outside of the Oasis Laundy laundromat a few nights ago (again with my daughter). And the unknown person or persons smoking pot at the "Miracle on E. 14th St" event back in December. It seems that pot may as well be legal given how wisespread and open its use is.

While I support the legalization of marijuana, I don't want to be around the smoke and I don't want it near my daughter. I find it just as annoying as cigarettes. And pot smokers these days are just as bad as cigarette smokers, leaving their trash all around, like these little baggie I've found on the sidewalk in front of my house and on the sidewalks of San Leandro.

pot baggie

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January 21, 2004

Library faces budget cuts

The wonderful San Leandro Public Library faces nearly $300,000 in proposed budget cuts. Possible changes include opening at 12pm instead of 10am, closing on Sundays, cutting Family Fun Nights, getting rid of some staff, eliminating outdoor summer concerts, and other bad things.

Two words: This sucks.

Kudos to Councilwoman Glenda Nardine for opposing closing the library on Sunday.

Contact your member of the City Council and tell them to maintain the library's budget. Learn how to contact Mayor Sheila Young and your City Council member at http://www.ci.san-leandro.ca.us/slcitycouncil.html.

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