August 18, 2018

San Leandro Police Try to Generate Support for Red Light Cameras

At the June 30, 2018, United for Safety Open House, the San Leandro Police had a series of videos from red light cameras being displayed on a laptop. This was part of a public relations effort to generate support for red light cameras and in 2017, even included personnel from RedFlex.

A review of the videos showed that almost half were for someone running a red light and going straight, nearly a quarter were for right turns on red, and 16% were for left turns on red. This is very different from the actual citations issued for red light violations. The most recent data from 2016 shows that 89% of citations were for turning right on red, 8% were for going straight through a red light and 2.6% were for turning left on red.

While one can’t say for certain why the chosen videos are not representative of the violations for which citations are actually issued, they do seem intended to gain support for red light cameras.

The videos can been seen here: Red Light Camera Videos in San Leandro

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