April 23, 2013

Union Pacific Wants to Take San Leandro on $80K Ride

Union Pacific is offering to release and indemnify the City of San Leandro if it pays $80,000 for cleanup costs of lead contamination at the former Stege Pistol Range in Richmond, California.

In a letter dated March 25, 2013, an attorney for Union Pacific writes, “The total of all sums that UP [Union Pacific] is requesting from all the agencies that used the range is far less than the amount UP will spend. In return for the payment of $80,000, UP will release and indemnify the Agency [San Leandro Police Department] from claims related to the contamination at the Property [Stege Pistol Range]...As UP is offering this settlement amount in an effort to reach a prompt resolution and to avoid incurring attorneys' fees, we ask that you respond with a signed agreement by May 9, 2013.” The letter also included a Public Records Act request related to the pistol range.

Union Pacific's request to pay $80,000 in exchange for indemnity is based on a January 1995 agreement between Southern Pacific Transportation Company and the San Leandro Police Department for use of “the police training facility and pistol range...” However the 1995 agreement is signed only by Janie L. Moeller of Southern Pacific and not by anybody from the San Leandro Police Department or the City of San Leandro.

When San Leandro Bytes contacted the attorney representing Union Pacific, Aaron Hunt, Union Pacific's Director of Corporate Relations and Media provided this statement in response to a request for a copy of the 1995 agreement: “Over many years, law enforcement and other security agencies used the shooting range. Union Pacific has asked the city of San Leandro to pay a small portion of the remediation costs that Union Pacific will incur.”

On April 12, 2013, the City of San Leandro responded to Greenberg Glusker's Public Records Act request for records of San Leandro's use of the Stege Pistol Range. The response stated, “There are no City records responsive to your request.”

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