March 18, 2013

San Leandro Police to Pay Their Retirement Contribution in New Contract

The San Leandro City Council unanimously approved a new Memorandum of Understanding with the San Leandro Police Officers Association at its March 18, 2013, meeting. Beginning in 2015, San Leandro Police will pay the entire portion of their retirement contribution, which had been paid in full by the City of San Leandro. The increase in PERS contribution rises gradually from three percent (3%) in April 2013 to six percent (6%) in January 2014, and nine percent (9%) in January 2015. This brings San Leandro into line with other cities in Alameda County, where most public safety employees have paid their entire CalPERS contribution for years.

In order for the City to get that concession, police employees will receive raises of four percent (4%) in 2014 and three percent (3%) in 2015 and a sixth salary step (with a 5% bump in salary). The annual uniform allowance increases from $1,050 in the previous MOU to $1,300 in the new MOU. Police continuously employed by the City of San Leandro for 20 and 25 years will receive four percent (4%) and five percent (5%) of their base pay, an increase of one percent (1%) from the previous MOU. Police employees will also be permitted to sell up to 80 hours of vacation per year.

According to the City Staff report, the new MOU saves $153,924 in 2013 and $102,939 in 2014, but will cost an additional $304,519 in 2015. Over the three-year term of the contract, the additional cost is estimated at $47,655.

The stage for the police MOU (and likely the forthcoming non-public safety contract) was set with the November 2012 approval of five-year contracts with San Leandro Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli and Assistant City Manager Lianne Marshall. Those contracts also gradually increased the employee PERS contribution paid by the employee over the term of the contract. Similarly, when San Leandro City Manager Chris Zapata was hired in 2012, his contract also required that he pay the full amount of the employee retirement contribution.

In 2011, the employee portion of the CalPERS contribution paid by the City of San Leandro totaled $2.47 million.

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