February 6, 2013

San Leandro Perennial Candidate Lou Filipovich Dead at 90

Lou Filipovich in April 2008
Lou Filipovich in 2008
San Leandro's perennial political candidate and gadfly, Lou Filipovich, has died at the age of 90. Filipovich frequently attended meetings of the San Leandro City Council, where he asked his signature questions: “How much will it cost? Who pays? And for how long?”

Filipovich railed against taxes and fees and often took the San Leandro City Council to task for what he said were violations of charter city regulations and municipality boundaries.

He entered at least 30 races between 1990 and 2010, but won only twice. In June 2006, Filipovich won the Republican primary for State Senate District 10 against Laura Riffle. In June 2008, Filipovich was unopposed in the Republican primary for State Assembly District 18. His last election was for San Leandro Mayor, in which he finished last.

Here is Filipovich making an opening statement at a candidate forum in April 2008:

This a list of all of the elections we could find for Filipovich:

Election DateOfficeNo. of VotesWhere he finished
November 2, 2010Mayor of San Leandro9last of six
June 8, 2010Alameda County Supervisor2,407last of four
November 4, 2008Oro Loma Sanitary District Director6,525last of two
November 4, 2008San Lorenzo School Board Trustee3,914last of five
November 4, 2008State Assembly, District 1833,596last of two
June 3, 2008District 4 San Leandro City Council1,856last of three
June 3, 2008State Assembly, District 18 Primary9,009Winner - unopposed
November 7, 2006Oro Loma Sanitary District Director5,069last of five
November 7, 2006State Senate, District 1041,510last of two
June 6, 2006Alameda County Supervisor1,448last of five
June 6, 2006State Senate, District 10 Primary10,973Winner
June 6, 2006Mayor of San Leandro849last of four
November 2, 2004District 4 San Leandro City Council2,904last of three
November 2, 2004Oro Loma Sanitary District Director5,857last of three
November 2, 2004San Lorenzo School Board Trustee2,055last of seven
November 2, 2004State Assembly, District 1817last of three
March 2, 2004State Assembly, District 18Unknownlast of two
November 5, 2002Mayor of San Leandro1,775second of three
November 5, 2002Oro Loma Sanitary District Director5,026last of four
November 5, 2002San Lorenzo School Board Trustee1,493sixth of eight
November 7, 2000District 4 San Leandro City Council7,253last of two
November 7, 2000San Lorenzo School Board Trustee3,955last of six
March 7, 2000Oro Loma Sanitary District Director4,624last of three
November 3, 1998San Lorenzo School Board Trustee3,209third of five
June 3, 1998Mayor of San Leandro???last of four
November 5, 1996San Lorenzo School Board Trustee4,643fifth of six
March 26, 1996District 4 San Leandro City Council4,856last of two
June 7, 1994Oro Loma Sanitary District Director3,593last of five
April 12, 1994Mayor of San Leandro214seventh of eight
April 14, 1992District 4 San Leandro City Council3,458last of two
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