December 27, 2012

One Year of San Leandro Arrests

Since November 2011, the San Leandro Police Department has been publishing a list of all of the adults arrested each week, including the name, birth date, gender, city of residence, and the crime(s) with which the person is charged.

The published information included many errors and typos that were corrected prior to analyzing the data. Note that some errors in the data likely remain.

Arrest data for the period from December 24, 2011 to December 23, 2012, was analyzed. During that time, there were 3,063 arrests. Males accounted for 75.5% of those arrested while females accounted for 24.5%. The national averages for 2011 were 74% for males and 26% for females, according to the 2011 FBI Uniform Crime Report.

Residents of San Leandro accounted for the most arrests, at 37.7%, followed by Oakland at 32.5%, Hayward at 7.8%, San Lorenzo at 2.3%, San Francisco at 2.2%, no city listed at 1.8%, Castro Valley at 1.4%, and Alameda at 1.2%.


The races of those arrested, as classified by the San Leandro Police Department, are 41.6% Black, 26.6% Hispanic, 23% White, 3% Other, 1.8% Filipino, and 1.3% Chinese. According to the 2010 census, San Leandro's population was 12.3% African American. and Oakland's population was 28% African American. The census listed San Leandro's 2010 population as 37.6% White, 29.7% Asian, and 27.4% Latino.

San Leandro Bytes analyzed the arrest data to determine the most common statutes for which people were arrested. Note that many of those arrested were charged under multiple statutes, so a person could be counted multiple times if they were arrested for burglary and drug possession, for example. The misdemeanor and felony warrants did not include information about the specific statutes alleged to have been violated.

Number ArrestedStatute
509Misdemeanor warrant
485Theft, 484 (A) PC
470Drunk in public, 647(F) PC
225Felony warrant
220Drug possession, 11377 HS
179Burglary, 459 PC
174Driving under the influence, 23152(A) VC
167Possession of drug paraphernalia, 11364 HS
152Possession of a controlled substance, 11350(A) HS
111Resisting arrest, 148(A) PC

According to the data, 257 people were arrested more than once during the one year time period (2,365 people were arrested once). One individual was arrested 16 times, with others arrested 14, 13, and 9 times during the one-year period. The most common charges for these frequent arrestees were public intoxication and parole violations.

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