December 2, 2012

San Leandro City Attorney to Get Performance Evaluation After Nine Years

The last time that San Leandro's City Attorney, Meyers Nave, received a performance evaluation, Shelia Young had just been re-elected to a second term as Mayor. Almost 10 years later, the San Leandro City Council is poised to conduct a performance evaluation of Meyers Nave, with the help of Municipal Resource Group (MRG).

MRG will provide an analysis of the City's legal services that will “include an identification of the benefits of in-house City Attorney services and contract legal services.” While San Leandro uses Meyer Nave for its City Attorney, the city attorneys for Alameda, Hayward, and Oakland are employees, with Oakland's City Attorney being an elected position.

Steve Meyers
Steve Meyers
San Leandro's City Attorney was a city employee until 1986, when City Attorney Steve Meyers formed a company to provide legal services to San Leandro under a professional services agreement. Meyers Nave has provided the City Attorney continuously since 1986. Meyers Nave provides similar legal services to the cities of Union City, Dublin, Bell, Cotati, and Livingston. George Eiser, who served as City Attorney for National City for 25 years, where San Leandro City Manager previously served as City Manager, was recently hired by Meyers Nave.

The $10,000 consulting agreement with Municipal Resource Group has the following scope of work:

“Review the existing ""Agreement for City Attorney Legal Services - City of San Leandro", City of San Leandro budget, Meyers Nave data, work load data and other information related to the existing legal services arrangement with the City of San Leandro.

Review the City budget and accounting procedures to determine how the legal services costs are budgeted and recorded. Include an analysis of budgeting and methods of charging enterprise funds.
Review existing City procedures for requesting legal services from the City Attorney, the City Attorneys role, and other matters related to the provision of legal services as a member of the executive team.

Meet with San Leandro City Manager Chris Zapata to discuss the project goals and tasks, and to determine the information and analyses that the City may desire in order to evaluate City Attorney legal services. At the direction of the City Manager, meet with other key City executive team members to assess how City Attorney services are utilized.

Review available comparison data and propose criteria for selection of comparable agencies and common performance benchmarks.

Research and propose comparable jurisdictions. Update the comparison data based on agreed upon comparable jurisdictions and appropriate performance benchmarks.

Research and propose methods to control utilization of legal service requests from City staff.
Propose options, if necessary, to refine the legal services arrangement and agreement with the City of San Leandro, including City-initiated requests for and utilization of legal services, retainer/basic level of services, special services and other legal services practices.

Prepare an analysis of the cost of in-house City Attorney and contract legal services. MRG will prepare a non-confidential version of the analysis appropriate for public discussion and dissemination at a public meeting. The analysis will also include an identification of the benefits of in-house City Attorney services and contract legal services.”

Performance evaluation of the City Attorney is on the December 3, 2012, closed session agenda for the San Leandro City Council and was previously listed on agendas for September 7, 2012, and November 19, 2012.

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