November 19, 2012

Two Final Candidates for San Leandro's Chief Innovation Officer

City of San Leandro Chief Innovation Officer flyer

San Leandro Director of Engineering and Transportation Uche Udemezue reported on November 14, 2012, that the candidates for the City's new Chief Innovation Officer have been narrowed down to two. Udemezue noted that the City Manager and Assistant City Manager were not at the San Leandro City Council's Facilities and Transportation Committee meeting because they were in interviews.

The Chief Innovation Officer job classification was approved by the Personnel Relations Board on July 19, 2012. According to a September 4, 2012, staff report, OSIsoft will fund 75% of the position's costs ($139,650) in the first year and the remaining 25% ($46,500) will be funded from City of San Leandro reserves. OSIsoft CEO Patrick Kennedy founded Lit San Leandro, which uses city-owned conduit to run fiber-optic strands in an 11-mile loop around the city and will be expanded by a recent grant.

According to the flyer for the Chief Innovation Officer position, the anticipated appointment date is December 10, 2012.

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