November 6, 2012

Prola Wins; Reed, and Lee Lead in San Leandro City Council Races

With all precincts reporting, San Leandro City Council incumbent Jim Prola has been re-elected in District 6 while fellow incumbent Ursula Reed narrowly leads Morgan Mack-Rose in District 2. In District 4, Benny Lee heads the field and will likely win.

While Reed leads in District 2, Dan Dillman's second choice votes will likely decide the eventual winner. Approximately 44% of Dillman's second choice are going to Mack-Rose and 26% to Reed. This race is too close to call.

In District 4, Lee looks to be the winner with Darlene Daevu and Justin Hutchison's second-place votes almost evenly split between Lee and Chris Crow.

Prola will clearly win the San Leandro City Council District 6 race over San Leandro School Board member Hermy Almonte.

San Leandro City Council District 2, 57 of 57 PrecinctsVotes%
Ursula Reed709642.28
Morgan Mack-Rose638438.04
Dan Dillman325919.42

San Leandro City Council District 4, 57 of 57 PrecinctsVotes%
Benny Lee660043.21
Chris Crow387625.37
Darlene Daevu312220.44
Justin Hutchison163010.67

San Leandro City Council District 6, 57 of 57 PrecinctsVotes%
Jim Prola863555.57
Hermy Almonte683644.0
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