October 26, 2012

District 2 Incumbent Reed Edges Out Mack-Rose in Latest Fundraising Totals for San Leandro City Council Race

San Leandro City Council District 2 incumbent Ursula Reed edged out challenger Morgan Mack-Rose in contributions during the most recent reporting period with $6,297 in contributions to $5,254 to Mack-Rose. To date, Mack-Rose has raised $26,366, more than double the $12,997 raised by Reed. Dan Dillman had not submitted a financial report by the October 25, 2012, deadline.

There are no campaign contribution limits in San Leandro, so individuals and businesses may contribute any amount of money to local campaigns. Donations of $99 or less do not have to be itemized, but candidates are required to report the source of any donation of $100 or more.

Pre-election campaign statements for current City Council candidates were due October 25, 2012, for the reporting period October 1 to October 20 and are summarized below. This is the last reporting deadline prior to the election. Only contributions of $1,000 of more are required to be reported between October 21 and the election.

Ursula Reed
Incumbent Reed reported $10,776 in her campaign account from $6,297 in contributions. A $2,405 personal loan to her campaign reported in the previous statement was not listed.

Significant contributions to Reed included:

  • $2,500 from the San Leandro Police Officers Association
  • $500 from the Alameda County Firefighters Association
  • $500 from David Irmer of Innisfree, the developer of Village Marketplace
  • $500 from Daniel Boggan

Reed's campaign expenses included:

  • $2,039 to The Next Generation for campaign consulting
  • $525 to Democratic Voters Choice for a slate mailer
  • $500 to Election Digest 2012 for a slate mailer
  • $500 to Michael Buehler for information technology costs

Ursula Reed's Campaign Statement for October 1 to October 20, 2012

Morgan Mack-Rose
Mack-Rose reported $6,395 in her campaign account from $5,254 in contributions and a $5,000 loan to her campaign. That brings her total campaign debt to $9,000.

Significant contributions to Mack-Rose included:

  • $2,500 from the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce PAC
  • $500 from Evelyn and Juan Gonzalez
  • $250 from Michael Minnis
  • $200 from San Leandro School Board trustee Carmen Ward-Sullivan

Mack-Rose's expenses included:

Morgan Mack-Rose's Campaign Statement for October 1 to October 20, 2012

The election will be held on November 6, 2012, and will be the second time that ranked choice voting is used in San Leandro elections

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