October 12, 2012

San Leandro Residents Tell Their Stories as Part of Library Project

At the Day at the Casa event at Casa Peralta on September 22, 2012, a packed room watched six San Leandro residents tell their stories and the stories of their families. They were produced by the San Leandro Public Library in conjunction with the Media Arts Center of San Diego.

If you weren't able to make the event, you can now view each of the stories online at the City of San Leandro's YouTube channel.

In one video, Yuriko Yokota tells the story of her San Leandro flower nursery, M Yokota Nursery Inc., located where the San Leandro Volvo dealership is currently located on Marina Boulevard. Yokota had been in a Japanese American internment camp for three years before moving to San Leandro after World War II and her battle over eminent domain with the City of San Leandro was detailed in the San Francisco Chronicle. Yokota also tells the story her internment at Topaz Relocation Center in Utah during World War II when she was 27 at http://blip.tv/san-leandro-stories/the-sting-of-prejudice-by-yuriko-yokota-3759224

Brian Copeland moved to San Leandro as a young boy and chronicled his experience growing up in San Leandro's Washington Manor neighborhood in the one-man show “Not a Genuine Black Man,” which provided the genesis for a book of the same name.

Life-long San Leandro resident Marcia Cronin recalls growing up in San Leandro.

Joe Borelli tells his story of working at the cannery in San Leandro and living in employee housing with his mother as a young boy.

Links to additional videos after the break.

Pearl Hernandez Johnston tells the story of her Spanish parent's immigration to the US and life in San Leandro.

Life-long San Leandro resident Paul Moura shares his family story about his father, who emigrated from the Portuguese Madeira Islands to San Leandro, California and owned Housewives Fish Market in Oakland, California.

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