October 11, 2012

San Leandro's New Parking Garage Could be $800K Under Budget

Rendering of Estudillo Parking Garage
Rendering of completed parking garage

At the October 10, 2012, meeting of San Leandro's Facilities and Transportation Committee, city staff reported that the new parking garage could be as much as $800,000 under budget. The now-defunct City of San Leandro Redevelopment Agency funded the garage and appropriated $12 million for the project.

According to city staff, “We have a little extra money....The garage came in at a little over, well, like $11.2 million, $11.3 maybe by the time we're all done. So we have some extra money and decided to do some enhancements to the garage – security cameras we're going to install first.” Pay stations that accept credit cards for payment will be installed. “The [parking] enforcement's going to involve a license plate reader, which is a camera that can check your license plate as an officer drives by, compare it to a database, see if you've been paid, see if the space has been paid for, and alert the officer if it hasn't been. Solar panels will also be installed on the roof, but will cover less than half of the roof.

The first floor of the garage is designated for free short-term parking of two hours, the second and third floors are for permit parking and the top floor is for all-day paid parking. The garage will have a total of 380 parking spaces.

Work is expected to be complete by November 7 and the garage should be open a week later.

In addition to the 2,000-square-foot office space created on the first floor for the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce, the garage will include two electric vehicle charging stations.

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