September 10, 2012

Two Months Until Partial Polystyrene Ban Goes Into Effect

Polystyrene Ban Ad - San Leandro Times

San Leandro restaurants must stop using polystyrene food packaging as of November 1, 2012, according to an ordinance passed by the San Leandro City Council in October 2011. The ordinance does not apply to retail sales of polystyrene food packaging, which means San Leandro residents will still be able to buy styrofoam cups, plates, and clamshells at local stores and supermarkets. Former Councilmember Joyce Starosciak was the only Councilmember that didn't support the ordinance.

The City of San Leandro has run a few ads in the San Leandro Times, like the one above, to inform local businesses of the upcoming ordinance deadline. The QR code in the ad directs readers to, where the City provides information about the ban.

Warnings will be given to violators of the ordinance, followed by possible fines of $150 for the first violation escalating to up to $600 for additional violations.

State law requires the City to reduce the amount of waste in sends to landfills, and since polystyrene is neither recyclable nor compostable, it doesn't help the City reduce its waste. Styrene is described by the U.S. Environmental Protection agency as "a suspected toxin to the gastrointestinal tract, kidney, and respiratory system" and other health agencies classify it as a suspected carcinogen.

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