August 23, 2012

San Leandro District 4 Applicants on Why They Want to be Appointed

The deadline for applicants seeking to be appointed to the District 4 San Leandro City Council seat was Monday, August 20, 2012. The eight applications include information on education and training, previous City appointments, community group involvement and "why you want to be appointed to the City Council." Below are the reasons given by each of the candidates (in alphabetical order) followed by a link to the completed applications.

Dana Chohlis:

I have lived in San Leandro for over 30 years. For 15 years I lived in the Davis Street area and 15 years in Washington Manor. I am interested in this short-term assignment as a way to give back to San Leandro and help for a few months guide the city in the positive direction it has been aimed over the past few years. San Leandro has been a wonderful place to raise my family and I continue to live here and enjoy being a residence long after my children have graduated from college and started their own families.

Chris Crow:

I have a lot of pride in our city and our people. I want to help expand our business, improve city services, and champion a quality of second to none for San Leandrans.

Darlene Daevu:

Our City Hall is operating in the worst State budget crisis ever. Sacramento is raiding the budget ever. Sacramento is raiding the budget we count on for essential city services like police, fire, libraries, and services for senior citizens. I have learned a great deal as a San Leandro Senior Commissioner. I want to take my volunteer service to the next level and fight for the services our residents need during these recessionary times. Serving as a city council member will provide that opportunity. My promise to the City an its residents is to be a voice for open, transparent, responsive and accountable local government.

Thomas Dlugosh:

It would be an honor to serve on the City Council.

David Erlich:

To minimise public controversy and insure a smooth transition.

John Faria:

I am concerned that who is appointed has knowledge of the District and the whole city.

Charles Kane:

I have spent the major part of my adult life as resident and employee of the City of San Leandro The City has been good to me, I want to serve. I am well qualified because I know the City and its Government, and I know the people. I have the background and the skill to serve well.

Benny Lee:

To serve and represent the voters of San Leandro and to be both a listener and a voice for all San Leandro communities.

Here are links to each of the submitted applications:

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