August 13, 2012

Candidate Statements From 2012 District 2 San Leandro City Council Candidates

San Leandro City Council candidates may submit a 200-word candidate statement that will be mailed to voters with the sample ballot. In order to submit a statement, the candidate must submit the estimated $1,400 fee with the San Leandro City Clerk.

The deadline for the candidate statements was Friday, August 10, 2012, and candidates have until 5pm today to withdraw their statements:

Dan Dillman, Owner, Historic BAL Theatre

The status quo must go. The people of San Leandro need a true representative, a leader in the community who will serve as mediator, defender and Watcher over government, demanding accountability and transparency, protecting citizens and our tax dollars, while carefully guiding our city to success. This is how I will serve you on the City Council. We must erase the lines of division and clear a bright path to our future. I will fight for your rights and needs with the same passion I fight for Truth and Justice. Our city's future can be redefined with a strong, vibrant economy with thriving services, shopping, dining, schools and entertainment, while enjoying safe neighborhoods. Achieving this will make our City stronger and more desirable enhancing the quality of our lives. We must strengthen our business community while remaining a hometown in which your family, friends and you, can live and thrive. My experience, dedication, and passion for our community has prepared me to build better bridges to our city's future. Demand Change and Stand with me, Dan Dillman, this November. Dan Dillman, Xzault, The Historic BAL Theatre, 14808 East 14th Street, San Leandro CA 94578, 510-614-7700 office,,

Morgan Mack-Rose, President, SLUSD Board of Trustees

I'm running for City Council because I care for our city and its future.

San Leandro is a diverse city with great possibilities, such as the new Fiber network and new Kaiser Hospital, but we're missing out. We need an active Council member who will pursue these opportunities. I bring the proven ability to make tough decisions, bring people together, and make progress despite hard times.

As a mother with daughters in San Leandro's public schools, I understand the critical role schools play and as School Board President, during one of our history's worst economies, I sought community input, prioritized accountability, and helped bring $200 million in construction projects on-time, under-budget, with union labor.

I will bring this same drive and leadership as your council member. We must have a cohesive vision and actively pursue opportunities; creating high-tech incubators, encouraging local business, and promoting our city's advantages. We must bring sustainability to our budget, prioritize libraries, parks, and community services which contribute to our daily quality of life, and fully staff our public safety departments .

I bring the leadership, focus, and drive to deliver real results for San Leandro. I would be honored to have your vote.

Ursula Reed, San Leandro City Council Member

As your Councilmember these past four years, and as your former Vice-Mayor, I've made it my top priorities to listen, build consensus among diverse communities, and find workable solutions.

I've helped move San Leandro forward, with increased economic development, more job opportunities, and an improved quality of life. We've balanced our budget, opened our new Senior Center, moved forward with new developments that will create jobs and grow our economy like the Kaiser project and the Fiber Loop project, and we're reducing blight and improving our Downtown with the development at the old Albertsons site.

Going forward, you can count on me to focus on expanding economic opportunity, increasing public safety, and revitalizing our neighborhoods.

I'll pursue private/public partnerships to offset the lack of State funding, work towards a compatible shoreline development plan, and increase police technology, and I'm currently working to save San Leandro Hospital.

My past service includes work as a school teacher, principal, and Library Commissioner. I'm also Chair of the County Housing Commission and a County Fire Commissioner.

I'm supported by Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett, Mayor Emeritus Shelia Young, former Vice-Mayor Surlene Grant, and many more.

Contact me with questions, comments, solutions:,

The election will be held on November 6, 2012. This will be the second San Leandro election to use ranked choice voting (also known an instant runoff). The last day to register to vote is October 22, 2012.

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