July 11, 2012

San Leandro City Council to Start Process to Replace Starosciak

The San Leandro City Council will begin the process of appointing a replacement for Councilmember Joyce Starosciak at its July 16 meeting. Starosciak, the Councilmember for District 4, announced that she would move out of San Leandro in July or August, leaving her seat vacant.

The recommendation from staff is to declare its intention to appoint a replacement, direct staff to provide public notice of the vacancy and the application process, and approve the timeline and process for the appointment.

According to the analysis in the staff report, "In order to meet the 60-day timeframe required by the Charter, staff recommends that the Council approve an appointment process and timeline tonight similar to past Council appointment processes, so the application process can commence during the August recess."

The draft application is the same as that used in 2007, which includes current employment information and responsibilities and the following as part of a questionnaire:

  • Please describe your education, training, and/or any special certifications
  • Please explain why you want to be appointed to the City Council
  • Please list any previous City of San Leandro Board Commission, or Committee on which you have served as well as any community organizations to which you belong or have belonged
  • Please provide any additional information you wish which covers your qualifications, interests, or training related to this appointment

Applicants must be a registered voter and resident of District 4 for the 30 days preceding the appointment. During the 2007 appointment process, applicants were also required to submit valid signatures from 20 registered voters. That requirement eliminated one of the 12 applicants in 2007.

The staff report notes that the City Council may "establish criteria beyond the basic qualifications" such as participation on City Council, Board/Commission or committee, diversity, and/or not a candidate for elected office.

If the City Council appoints someone who is running for the seat, it will be a huge advantage for that person in the November 2012 election. Since 1970, only three incumbents have been defeated: Councilmember Al Nahm in 1974, Mayor John Faria in 1994, and Mayor Tony Santos in 2010.

The proposed schedule includes a period to advertise the vacancy from July 23 to July 27, an application period from July 30 to August 17, with public interviews and appointment of the new District 4 Councilmember on September 4 or September 10. The newly appointed Councilmember would serve until January 1, 2013.

The application period overlaps the nomination period for City Council candidates, which starts on July 16 and ends on August 10, 2012. So far, Chris Crow, Darlene Daevu, and Benny Lee have filed paperwork to run for the District 4 seat.

The San Leandro City Council meets on July 16 at 7pm at the Council Chambers located at 835 E. 14th Street.

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