July 3, 2012

Joyce Starosciak to Resign from San Leandro City Council

Joyce Starociak
Joyce Starosciak
At the San Leandro City Council meeting July 2, 2012, District 4 Councilmember Joyce Starosciak announced that she will resign when she moves out of San Leandro in August. Starosciak cited her loss in the 2010 Mayoral race as part of the reason for leaving San Leandro.

According to Section 250 of the San Leandro City Charter, the City Council must appoint a replacement within 60 days of a vacancy or hold a special election. Since a special election means additional costs and could result in a very short term of office for the winner, the San Leandro City Council is expected to appoint a replacement.

As part of her stump speech while campaigning for Mayor, Starosciak said that she was born and raised in San Leandro, unlike her opponents, who moved to San Leandro as adults. Starosciak attended Pacific High School but graduated from San Leandro High when Pacific High was closed. Her website still states, "I have always been proud of my hometown…I have a true dedication to our future."

Starosciak couldn't have run for re-election anyway since term limits restrict City Councilmembers to two consecutive terms. Three candidates have already filed to run for Starosciak's seat in the November 2012 election: Darlene Daevu, Chris Crow, and Benny Lee.

The last time the City Council appointed a Councilmember was in February 2007 when Jim Prola replaced Tony Santos. Twelve people applied for that appointment. In July 2001, the City Council appointed Orval "OB" Badger to replace Gordon Galvan, who resigned from the City Council.

Starosciak served as on the Recreation and Parks Commission from 1993 to 1994, before she was elected to the San Leandro School Board Area 4 seat over Wayne Jeffries in 1994. After moving to a different part of San Leandro, Starosciak was elected to the District 4 City Council seat in a runoff election against Mike Mahoney in 2005. In 2008, Starosciak was re-elected after defeating Paul Gonzales and Lou Filipovich. Most recently, Starosciak lost her campaign for Mayor, coming in third behind Stephen Cassidy and Santos.

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