June 19, 2012

San Leandro Settles One Shooting Death Lawsuit, Avoids Another

At the June 18, 2012 City Council meeting, San Leandro City Attorney Jayne Williams reported the following settlements in the police shooting death of Gwendolyn Killings on December 29, 2010, and the shooting death of Kwame Nunn on October 9, 2010.

Gwendolyn Killings was shot and killed by San Leandro Police after a high speed chase that ended in a crash at the San Leandro-Oakland border. According to police, Killings was driving a stolen Jaguar. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Officer Ryan Gill shot and killed Killings while defending himself and Officer Anthony Morgan. The Alameda District Attorney investigated the shooting and concluded that there was “overwhelming credible and admissible evidence” that Gill acted in self-dense.

Maurius “TJ” Robinson and Kwame Nunn were shot and killed at Wedges Bar & Grill at the Monarch Bay Golf Club while on the dance floor. According to police, the party organizers misrepresented the event as a birthday party. Two 17-year-old boys from Hayward were later arrested for the for the shooting deaths.

The complete statement read by Williams is below:

In the U.S. District Court matter of Jane Doe, Ericka Whitmeyer, Judy Brown and Imaree Cross v. City of San Leandro: the City has reached a mutually agreeable settlement with all four plaintiffs in the total amount of $50,000, including legal fees.  Each plaintiff will receive approximately $12,500.  This was a wrongful death lawsuit against the City and individual police officers arising from an in-custody death (Gwendolyn Killings) following a felony vehicle theft and high speed pursuit instigated by the decedent on December 29, 2010.  Full releases have been executed and the cases are now dismissed.  (claim $15 mil)
In the Alameda County Superior Court case of Paul and Tricia Nunn v. City of San Leandro and the American Golf Corporation:  the City has been dismissed from the litigation with no payment.  A settlement was reached with the American Golf Corporation and the entire case has now been dismissed.  This was a wrongful death lawsuit arising out of an incident at the Monarch Bay Golf Course Wedges Restaurant in which the decedent was shot by a third party while attending an event at the facility.  (claim $5 mil)
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