January 24, 2012

Total Compensation for San Leandro's New City Manager About $303K

This week, the City of San Leandro released the total compensation for newly-appointed City Manager Chris Zapata: $302,522. That total does not include a one-time payment of $16,500 for moving expenses. Former San Leandro City Manager Stephen Hollister's total compensation was listed as $286,976 in 2010, but would have been closer to $295,000 without furlough days.

Tech Allowance$750
Management Incentive Pay$12,865
Health Benefits$7,350
PERS (employer rate)$48,503
Social Security$6,820

Based on 2010 data from other cities, Zapata receives more total compensation than Hayward ($255,935), Pleasanton ($284,989), and Walnut Creek ($294,856), but less than Emeryville ($316,952), Fremont ($333,734) and Livermore ($350,999).

On a per capita basis, Zapata gets $3.56 per resident compared to $1.56 in Fremont, $1.78 in Hayward, $4.05 in Pleasanton, $4.34 in Livermore, $4.59 in Walnut Creek, and $31.44 in Emeryville.

Note that the comparisons are for 2012 compensation for Zapata and 2010 compensation for other City Managers, which have likely increased.

Zapata starts work as San Leandro City Manager on January 30, 2012, and his first City Council meeting will be on Tuesday, February 6, 2012.

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