January 15, 2012

Fifth Coffee with the Cops Focuses on New Laws

The San Leandro Police Department's Fifth Coffee with the Cops focused on new laws for 2012, including:

  • Booster seats required for children until they are eight years old or until they are four feet nine inches tall
  • Requires that police allow another licensed driver to drive a vehicle away (instead of impounding the vehicle) if the driver of a vehicle at a sobriety checkpoint does not have a valid license
  • Allows a person convicted of reckless driving to apply for a restricted license prior to the end of the one-year suspension
  • Vehicles will be prohibited from crossing double parallel solid white lines, except where permitted.
  • Electric vehicles must now be plugged in for refueling when occupying an EV-designated parking space
  • Local governments can now regulate advertising signs on any motor vehicle parked or left standing upon a public street
  • Courts may revoke a driver's license for 10 years if a person is convicted of three or more DUls

Lt. Jeff Tudor and Detective Josh Brum described a series of strong arm robberies in the area of Estudillo, Bancroft, Joaquin and Juana from December 26, 2011, to January 7, 2012. The suspects are a young African American female and a young African American male, 18 to 25 years old. There is no specific time of day at which these robberies occur, but they appear to be target people of either sex walking alone. The female approaches the victim and claims to have a gun in her purse. One witness confirmed that there was a gun in the purse.

The next Coffee with the Cops is at Creekside Bistro on February 7, 2012. Creekside Bistro is located at 500 Davis Street.

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