January 15, 2012

Bob Wieckowski and Loni Hancock at California DISCLOSE Act Kickoff

On January 7, 2012, local elected officials joined the California Clean Money Campaign in a kickoff event for the California DISCLOSE (Democracy Is Strengthened by Casting Light On Spending in Elections) Act, which would require disclosure of political campaign funders in the political ads that they fund.

California State Senator Loni Hancock was joined by California Assembly Member Bob Weickowski, Oakland Councilmember Pat Kernighan, Trent Lange, President of the California Clean Money Campaign, and Michelle Romeo, Our Democracy Program Manager for the Greenlining Institute for event, held at Oakland City Hall.

Hanock, Wieckowski, California Assembly Members Mary Hayashi and Sandré Swanson, and California State Senator Ellen Corbett are all co-authors of the California DISCLOSE Act, AB 1148.

The California DISCLOSE Act would require that television political ads show the top five funders in a readable manner, radio ads disclose the top two funders, and print ads list the top five funders.

Hancock is running against termed out Swanson in 2012 to represent San Leandro in a newly-drawn Senate District. Wieckowski was expected to face termed out Hayashi in the new Senate District 10, but Hayashi's political future is in doubt after pleading "no contest" to shoplifting charges.

Below are the opening statements from Hancock and Wieckowski:

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