November 8, 2011

San Leandro Police Holiday Crime Prevention Tips

Posted by Mike Katz-Lacabe at November 8, 2011 6:24 PM | TrackBack

I would like to comment on officer DeGranno's video I had the pleasure of meeting with him on the way out from the police department once and at that time he and I met by chance I was a victim of a dash and run of my purse last year the day after Christmas at the greenhouse parking lot I was devastated by the loss of my purse it happened so fast it was over before I knew what had hit me as it was happening when I looked up and saw that the guy was mid way in the parking lot thats when I had my cell phone in my pocket and blue tooth on he would of also taken my car keys and house keys but I always keep them in my pocket thats when I immediately called 911 he dropped my camera which the one officer did recover needless to say which really hit me hard was I lost my grandmothers rosary beads which I always carried with me along with a bible which belonged to my mother -in-law (who since has passed) but what was mostly devastating to me was a copy of my husbands memorial dvd who passed last year in Oct a week after his father did so what was devastating to me is who took my purse knew I was a widow. I was very fearful that he would break into my appt. I do look at the fact that I wasn't hurt but mentality I was, I only wish that officer De Granno and I had met before all of this I am so grateful that this video was posted .The person who took my purse was never found even though there were fingerprints taken from my camera at least as far as I know, if there is anything that I could ever do to help with any operations please let me know . also the green house shopping center which I'm sure you already know is bad for this kind of crime besides all of this my son at the time a month before his dad and grandfather passing my son had his car stolen right out front of c.v.s store in broad daylight with the club on the brake he went through so much this pass year because of everything that happened to us he would not return back to his job so I survive for the both of us. I would like to also comment in regards to the comment to the Macys second floor with only one cashier unfortunately it's the sign of the time with understaffing I work retail and if we go out after someone who we think is stealing we could be fired for that Thank you for allowing me to post this my gratefulness to you officer DeGranno

Posted by: florence at November 19, 2011 10:39 PM
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