August 13, 2011

Parking Lot to Replace First Interstate Building

First Interstate building surrounded by scaffolding
Scaffolding surrounding the First Interstate building
Conceptual view of future parking lot
Conceptual view of how the new parking lot and entrance will look

After being left vacant for 15 years, Chase has filed demolition plans for the former First Interstate Building located at 1639 E. 14th Street between Chase Bank and Pallen's Martial Arts.

According to the August Community Development Update, Chase acquired the building solely to use the parking lot for its customers. Demolition of the First Interstate building will allow Chase customer to enter the parking lot from E. 14th Street and use it during the Downtown Farmers Market, which currently blocks access to the parking lot. The demolition will also allow Pallen's Martial Arts to make changes to the fa├žade of its building and to use the back door as a fire exit.

Although the site is located in the area of San Leandro's Transit-Oriented Development Strategy, it is not one of the 39 "opportunity sites" identified for development through 2030. Instead, it is in an area categorized as "Multi-Use, Infill Opportunity Districts."

During the demolition, the debris will be separated for recycling.

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