June 30, 2011

Mayor Cassidy Answers Questions from Chinese Residents

San Leandro Mayor Stephen Cassidy answered questions from more than 40 Chinese residents and community members at the Washington Manor library on June 18, 2011. With the help of volunteer translator and San Leandro teacher Wing Mok, Interim Assistant City Manager Jacqui Diaz, and three members of the San Leandro Police Department, Cassidy answered questions about police staffing at the police station, school budget cuts, help for someone trying to buy a nursing home in San Leandro, a student project on enhancing brain power, availability of staff at City Hall, public relations training for City employees, PG&E smart meters, automatic natural gas shutoff valves in the event of an earthquake, and internet access in San Leandro, and keeping the community safe.

In response to a question by San Leandro Library-Historical Commissioner Arlene Lum, San Leandro Police Officer Ted Henderson said that there are two Cantonese speaking officers and two Mandarin speaking officers in the San Leandro Police Department. When those officers are not available, a translation service from AT&T is used.

When asked about City staff being available to help non-English speaking residents, Mayor Cassidy said he would like to have a specific day on which non-English speaking staff or translators could be on-hand to help non-English speaking residents.

Mayor Cassidy and Councilmembers Diana Souza and Joyce Starosicak will hold a Town Hall tonight, Thursday, June 30, at the Marina Community Center at 6:30pm. The Marina Community Center is located at 15301 Wicks Boulevard in San Leandro.

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