March 20, 2011

Crime Prevention Tips from San Leandro Police Officer Tim Degrano

At the March 16, 2011, meeting of the Broadmoor Neighborhood Association, San Leandro Police Officer Tim Degrano shared some crime prevention tips with the audience.

Degrano emphasized that "We require community assistance because we cannot be everywhere 24 7....We love the nosy neighbor....We love Mrs. Kravitz. [the nosy neighbor in the television series Bewitched who was known for peeking through her curtains at her neighbors]"

"I will tell you the honest truth is we don't catch the smart ones…right away," said Degrano, but if residents are there to help the police, then they can be much more effective at catching the criminals.

He noted that very few people have taken advantage of CPTED, which stands for crime prevention through environmental design. CPTED consists of designing or changing the exterior of your house or building to discourage crime through proper lighting,

Degrano and his partner Kerri Kovach "will go out to your home or business on request….We'll let you know if your shrubs are covering that porch where someone can hide behind them."

According to Degrano, they know from talking to suspects that some of the reasons they target homes is because they don't have an alarm system [because there is no sticker] or the porch light has been on for two straight days.

Degrano notes that an alarm system may not prevent a burglary, but it will certainly give the police a better chance to catch the burglars in the act.

When asked about crime and apartments, Degrano said that they have a crime-free program for multi-housing communities. This program has a lease addendum that tenants sign that allows the owner to evict tenants that commit a crime on or off the property, that cause a disturbance, of if their guest causes a disturbance. Degrano said it is a great program that it has been challenged at the US Supreme Court and been upheld.

On home alarm systems, Degrano stated that you get two false alarms a year and after that, there is a $75 fine. Degrano was correct on the two false alarms, but according to the the San Leandro Municipal Code, you get two false alarms within a 90-day period.

For more information about crime prevention, see the San Leandro Police Crime Prevention page at

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