March 8, 2011

New Census Data Puts San Leandro's 2010 Population at 84,950

Data from the 2010 census indicates that San Leandro's population was 84,950 as of April 2010, an increase of 5,498 or 6.9% from 2000. Alameda County's population increased 4.6% over the last 10 years, while Piedmont and Oakland had slight decreases. Dublin and Emeryville increased by 53.6% and 46.5% respectively.

The population breakdown by race/ethnicity is 29.3% Asian, 27.4% Hispanic or Latino, 27.1% white (non-Hispanic), 11.8% African American, 3.2% two or more races, 0.7% Asian Pacific and Hawaiian, 0.3% American Indian and Alaska Native, and 0.2% other.

Total housing units in San Leandro increased from 31,334 in 2000 to 32,419 in 2010, an increase of 3.5%. Vacant housing units increased 146% from 692 to 1,702. In Alameda County, housing units increased by 7.8% while vacant units increased by 122.5%.

This data was compiled by California's State Data Center, part of the Department of Finance, from U.S. Census reports and data.

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