March 7, 2011

San Leandro City Council Creates a Branding and Marketing Working Group

As part of its effort to market itself "as a great place to do business," the San Leandro City Council has created a Branding and Marketing Working Group.

At tonight's meeting the City Council will discuss approval of the members of the group and adding an additional member from each of the African American, Latino, and Asian Business Councils of the San Leandro Chamber.

The working group will work with The Placemaking Group, a marketing communications agency from Oakland. The consulting agreement is not-to-exceed $10,000. According to the staff report, The Placemaking Group will "facilitate a business working group gather surveys of consumers businesses brokers and visitors and to create a Branding and Marketing Strategy."

The proposed members are:

  • City staff - Luke Sims, Cynthia Battenberg, Jeff Kay, and Caryn Wegerbauer
  • San Leandro Chamber - Hank Sullivan, John Johnson, Gaye Quinn, John Gooding, and Gordon Galvan
  • Mayor Cassidy- Jenny Linton and Fred Reicker
  • Vice Mayor Reed - Dan Dillman and Charles Gilcrest
  • Pauline Cutter - Larry Allphin and Tim Holmes
  • Michael Gregory - Robin Beebe and Helen Lee Takaki
  • Jim Prola - Audrey Velasquez and Jeff Starkovich
  • Diana Souza - Debra Lambert and Paul Woycheshin
  • Joyce Starosciak - Susan and Cartier Lee

Sims is the Community Development Director for the City of San Leandro, Battenberg is the Business Development Manager, and Kay is a Business Development Analyst. Wegenbauer is a part-time employee for the City Business Development department, is the Secretary for the San Leandro Downtown Association and has worked with Main Street Property Services, which the City contracted with in March 2009 for Implementation of a 2009-10 Marketing Plan.

Sullivan is the 2011 Chairman of the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce and is President of the business consulting firm Strategic Solutions. Quinn is Chair-Elect of the Chamber, Vice Chair of San Leandro by Design, and is with Quorum Real Estate Group. Gooding is Vice Chair of Government Affairs for the Chamber, runs Quadric Group and provides services to Madison Marquette, the owner of Bayfair Center. Galvan was a member of the San Leandro City Council from 1994 until 2001, provides services to Alameda County Industries, and is on the Board of the San Leandro Chamber.

Linton is Executive Vice President at OSIsoft and is on the Board of the San Leandro Chamber. Reicker served on the Library-Historical Commission from 2003 to 2011 and was a marketing executive at Clorox.

Dillman is the owner of the Bal Theatre, which recently succeeded in convincing the city to allow live performances that had been prohibited under its conditional use permit. Gilcrest was on the Board of Zoning Adjustments from 2007 to 2011 and ran for City Council in 2008.

Allphin is the events chair for the San Leandro Downtown Association and owner of Allphin Jewelers. Holmes is the owner of Zocalo Coffeehouse and was the campaign manager for Mayor Cassidy. Holmes also worked as Manager of Mac OS Evangelism for eight years.

Beebe is the owner of Divine Home Care and is on the Board of the San Leandro Chamber.

Velasquez works for the San Leandro Marina Inn and is the Vice President of the San Leandro Downtown Association. Starkovich is a Managing Partner at Cassidy Turley BT Commercial in Oakland.

Lambert is a spokesperson for Kaiser Permanente, which is constructing a new hospital at the former Lucky distribution site adjacent to Interstate 880.

The City Council meets tonight, March 7, 2011, at 7pm at 835 E. 14th Street in San Leandro.

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