February 23, 2011

Souza and Gregory Mostly Re-Appoint Board and Commission Members

San Leandro District 3 Councilmember Diana Souza appointed one new Commissioner and re-appointed four others. Library-Historical Commissioner Lawrence Smith was neither re-appointed nor replaced - he is planning to move and will continue to serve until he moves or is replaced, according to the City Clerk.

Souza re-appointed Denise Abero to the Planning Commission and Janice Woychesin to the Senior Commission. Abero has been on the Planning Commission since 2007 when she was appointed by Souza. Woychesin has been on the Senior Commission for slightly more than a year.

Robert Leigh
Souza appointed Robert Leigh to the Human Services Commission. Leigh replaces Lee Thomas, who had served since 2009. Leigh is a retired probation officer who previously served four years on the Library-Historical Commission. Leigh was president of the Washington Home Owners Association from 1997 to 2009 and is on the San Lorenzo School Bond Oversight Committee.

Souza appointed Lee Thomas to the Board of Zoning Adjustments (BZA), where he replaces Darryl Shields. Shields was appointed to the BZA by Souza in 2007.

Shields was appointed to the Recreation and Parks Commission, where he replaces Debra Vandiver. Souza appointed Vandiver in 2007.

Souza was unopposed for re-election and had no campaign contributions.

In District 1, Michael Gregory re-appointed Philip Daly to BZA, Deborah Cox to the Human Services Commission, Donna Reed to the Library-Historical Commission, Dale Reed to the Planning Commission, Ed Shapiro to the Recreation and Parks Commission, and Sandi Forese to the Senior Commission. Donna Reed has served on the Library-Historical Commission since 1986 and her husband Dale has been on the Planning Commission since 1987. Shapiro was appointed to the Recreation and Parks Commission in 1996. Forese has been on the Senior Commission since 2003 while Daly and Cox were both appointed in 2007. Daly contributed $250 to Gregory's campaign while Donna Reed contributed $500.

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