February 20, 2011

Mayor Cassidy's Appointments to Boards and Commissions

Some of Mayor Cassidy's Commission and Board Appointments
Janet PalmaLeah HallNestor CuellasScott Rennie
Janet PalmaLeah HallNestor CuellasScott Rennie
Johanne DictorLouis HeystekTyree JacksonPhyllis Gee
Johanne DictorLouis HeystekTyree JacksonPhyllis Gee


Commission and Board appointments are one way that newly-elected San Leandro Mayor Stephen Cassidy can extend his influence and repay campaign donors and supporters.

The San Leandro Mayor has one appointment each to the Board of Zoning Adjustments, Planning Commission, Library-Historical Commission, and Recreation and Parks Commission. The Mayor also has three appointments each to the Human Services Commission and Senior Commission and all five appointments to the Personnel Relations Board.

Once the Mayor submits the name of his nominees to the City Clerk, the City Clerk circulates the name to the City Council and if there are no objections, that person's nomination goes on the City Council agenda for a vote. This happened at the February 7, 2011, meeting and is done to avoid a situation in which the City Council might vote against a person's nomination and cause embarrassment for that person. The City Council approved the nominations on February 7 and are now on the February 22, 2011, agenda for City Council approval. Once a nomination makes it on to the City Council agenda, it will likely be approved.

Commission and board members frequently serve far longer than those who appointed them. Library-Historical Commissioner Donna Reed has served since 1986 and Planning Commissioner Dale Reed has served since 1987. Term limits were briefly implemented in the 1970s when term limits were also enacted for the Mayor and Councilmembers but were subsequently eliminated.

The Board of Zoning Adjustments and the Planning Commission are the most powerful of the boards and commissions and these are generally seen as "plum" appointments. Relevant campaign contributions have been included when available. In a message to supporters, Cassidy wrote, "I have sought to expand the leadership capacity of our city by bringing new persons that are active in our community into city government. I also wish to see that the diversity of San Leandro is reflected on our commissions and boards."

Mayor Stephen Cassidy nominated Janet Palma to the Board of Zoning Adjustments to replace Charles Gilcrest, who served for nearly three years. Palma works as an Environmental Health Technician for the San Francisco Department Public Health and served on the Association of Environmental Professionals Board of Directors.

Nestor Cuellas, MaryAnn Frates, and Leah Hall were nominated to the Human Services Commission to replace Corina Lopez, Suzanne Rudisill, and Alice Sarafian, who had served a year and a half, nearly 10 years, and nearly 27 years, respectively. Cuellas is an insurance salesman who served on the transit-oriented development committee, was a representative and organizer for the SEIU, and was on the boards of the Farrelly Pond Neighborhood Association and Estudillo Homeowners Association. Hall is an architect and stay-at-home mother and has served on the board of St. Paul's Episcopal School in Oakland. Hall also volunteered on Cassidy's mayoral campaign. Frates is working on her Doctorate in Education while working at the Castro Valley Unified School District as the Coordinator of Special Education.

Scott Rennie was nominated to the Planning Commission to replace Anna Claveria Brannan. Brannan served nearly four years on the Planning Commission. Rennie is an attorney for the City of Fremont and served on the Board of the Estudillo Homeowners Association. Rennie also served on Cassidy's transition committee.

Liliana Rosas-Cruz was nominated to the Library-Historical Commission to replace Frederick A. Reicker, who has served almost eight years. Rosas-Cruz works as a therapist for the East Bay Agency for Children and is a member of the National Association of Social Workers.

Johanne Dictor, Louis Heystek, Benny Lee, and James Browne were nominated to the Personnel Relations Board to replace Adan Alonzo, Hilary Van Austen, Shirley McManus and Kent Myers. Orval "OB" Badger was re-nominated and has served just over a year. Alonzo, Van Austen, McManus, and Myers have served nearly two and a half years, two and a half years, nearly 12 years, and ten years, respectively. Browne was an business litigation attorney an is a member of the Roosevelt PTA. Heystek is the Deputy CFO for Dutra Enterprises, served on the Youth Advisory Commission, served two terms on the San Leandro School Board, and is on the Board of the San Leandro Education Foundation. Dictor works for CPC International and served as President of the Estudillo Homeowners association. Dictor volunteered on Cassidy's campaign and contributed $550 to his campaign. Lee has worked at United Commercial Bank and East West Bank. Lee served on Cassidy's transition committee and was appointed by former Mayor Tony Santos to the Recreation and Parks Commission in 2007 .

Cassidy nominated Tyree Jackson to replace Benny Lee (4 years) on the Recreation and Parks Commission. Jackson works for the Castro Valley Sanitary District and was a resident manager for San Leandro rental property.

Phyllis Gee, Darlene Daevu, and Cimberly Tamura were nominated to the Senior Commission to replace George Tucker (11 years), Barbara Hamrick (11 years), and Michal J. Myers (8 months). Tamura is a retired educator, President of Alameda County Home Economics Teachers, Vice President of San Francisco Chinatown Optimists, and a Board Member of Wa Sung Community Club. Daevu works as an Administrative Analyst for the San Francisco Department of Public Health, is a member of the Professional Fiduciaries Association of California and has been active with the Allen Temple Baptist Church. Gee is also a retired educator active with the San Leandro Friends of the Library and All Saints Episcopal Church. Gee volunteered on and contributed $750 to Cassidy's campaign.

Commission and board appointees will be sworn in at the San Leandro City Council meeting on February 22, 2011. The meeting starts at 7pm and will be held at City Hall at 835 E. 14th Street in San Leandro.

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