January 21, 2011

San Leandro Improves to a "C" For Efforts to Discourage Smoking

In its 2010 State of Tobacco Control report, the American Lung Association of California gave the City of San Leandro a "C" for its efforts to discourage smoking. The report grades California cities in areas such as smokefree housing, reducing sales of tobacco products, and regulating outdoor smoking.

San Leandro's grade is an improvement from the "F" it received in 2009, and results from action that the San Leandro City Council took in December 2009 to tighten restrictions on smoking in public places, work places, recreational areas and athletic facilities in the city.

Neighboring cities did not improve from two years ago: Alameda received an "F," Hayward received a "C" and Oakland received a "B." Union City and Albany received the highest scores in Alameda County.

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