January 17, 2011

City Moves to Protect Redevelopment Funds from State

The San Leandro City Council voted 4-0 on Monday, January 17, 2011, to try to maintain control of nearly $9 million in redevelopment agency funds. Many of California's 425 redevelopment agencies are taking similar actions to retain control of millions in redevelopment agency funds before the California Legislative Analyst's recommendation to prohibit redevelopment agencies from entering into new contracts can be acted upon. The elimination of redevelopment agencies as proposed by Governor Jerry Brown, would help the state of California balance its budget and force cities and counties to re-evaluate their spending priorities.

Councilmembers Michael Gregory, Pauline Cutter, and Vice Mayor Ursula Reed were not at the meeting.

The text of a proposed letter for Mayor Stephen Cassidy to send to state legislators highlights three projects as "examples of economic development spurred by redevelopment:" the Creekside Plaza Office Complex, the downtown garage, and the Marina Auto Mall.

The City of San Leandro has three redevelopment areas:

1. Plaza Project Area

Includes much of downtown San Leandro as well as Davis Street, from around E. 14th Street to roughly Douglas Street, and the Costco area west of Highway 880. The new downtown garage, San Leandro Crossing, Creekside Plaza are three of the projects in this area. $2 million will go to street and sidewalk improvements on Hays Street between Davis Street and E. 14th.

2. Joint Project Area

Includes E. 14th Street (other than the section in downtown San Leandro); Marina Boulevard plus the area to the south of Marina Boulevard that includes Teagarden Street and Aladdin Avenue; Washington Avenue, from San Leandro Boulevard to Halcyon; and the Lewelling/Hesperian area. The Marina Boulevard Auto Mall, Bayfair BART, and the gymnasium at the Fred T. Korematsu campus are three of the projects in this area.

3. West San Leandro/MacArthur Project Area

Covers most of the industrial area of the city west of Highway 880 (including Westgate) as well as the section of MacArthur Boulevard between the Oakland border and Estudillo Avenue. The MacArthur Boulevard streetscape upgrade and LINKS shuttle are two of the projects in this area. Paving of Eden Road accounts for $1.5 million of the redevelopment funds, $4.19 million will go to street and sidewalk improvements, and $1.27 million will go to street and sidewalk improvements on MacArthur Boulevard between Lewis and Dutton.


A map at http://www.sanleandro.org/civica/filebank/blobdload.asp?BlobID=3790 shows the redevelopment areas, which cover a great deal of the city, including all along E. 14th St. and the downtown area.

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