December 15, 2010

City Down to One Last Police Lawsuit

On December 4, 2010, San Leandro City Manager Stephen Hollister told the Daily Review that two more police lawsuits had been settled while the City won a third case. Normally, lawsuit settlements are reported during City Council meetings, as a report of what happened in closed session. San Leandro Bytes contacted City Attorney Jayne Williams for additional information about the lawsuits, which is summarized in the following table:

Kamilah JacksonSettled for $25,000January 19, 2010
Amanda KerrSettled for $35,000January 19, 2010
Taiwo Pena-HornungSettled for $50,000January 19, 2010
Christina TiletileSettled for $295,000January 19, 2010
Ann O’CallaghanSettled for $240,000July 1, 2010
Cathy PickardSettled for $30,000 with the buy back of 2 years of PERS timeJuly 1, 2010
Deborah TrujilloSummary judgment for CityAugust 1, 2010

Four of the settlements were announced at the January 19, 2010, meeting of the City Council. Information about the three other cases has not been announced at a City Council meeting, but is expected at the December 20, 2010, meeting, according to San Leandro City Clerk Marian Handa.

As part of the settlements, the City agreed:

  • that a diversity budget will be created that would permit SLPD officers to go to a Women in Law Enforcement conference or other comparable diversity course(s) for two years with a re-evaluation after two years regarding this budget.
  • that each SLPD sergeant promotional board will have at least one outside person. that it will work with the POA to reevaluate the current 100% weighted interview criteria for advancement to sergeant.
  • that it will make an active recruiting effort to bring diversity to the SLPD consistent with national norms, budget permitting.
  • that Advanced Officer Trainings will be given to all sworn employees of the SLPD to address diversity, gender and race issues in a professional law enforcement setting.
  • that SLPD's report writing manual for officers will be updated.

The settlements cost a total of $675,000.

One lawsuit by former San Leandro Police Officer DeWayne Stancill, who was named as a defendant in the above cases, remains. Stancill's suit claims that he was a victim of racial discrimination.

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