November 29, 2010

Sandra R. Spagnoli Selected as New San Leandro Police Chief

Sanda_Spagnoli.jpg San Leandro City Manager announced today that Benicia Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli has been selected as San Leandro's new police chief. Spagnoli replaces Ian Willis, who will retire at the end of this year. She served four years as Benicia's police chief and served with the San Carlos Police Department for the previous 16 years.

Spagnoli's appointment comes after the City of San Leandro settled four lawsuits from female police department employees for $405,000 and three lawsuits remain pending. Willis and his predecessor, Dale Attarian, had been promoted from within the police department and both announced their retirements after serving less than two years as police chief.

Spagnoli becomes San Leandro's 10th police chief and its first female police chief.

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