November 4, 2010

Updated Numbers Narrow Cassidy's Lead to 27 Votes Over Santos

Additional ballots counted by the Alameda County Registrar of Voters today narrowed Stephen Cassidy's lead in the race for San Leandro Mayor to 27 votes over incumbent Tony Santos. Today's vote count for the Mayor's race totals 15,010, an increase of 736 from yesterday's count.

Final results of the race for San Leandro mayor won't be known until 4pm on Friday, November 5, when the Registrar runs the ranked choice algorithm. The eventual winner will be decided by Joyce Starosciak's second place votes.

Mayoral results so far:

Stephen Cassidy532235.46%
Tony Santos529535.28%
Joyce Starosciak357623.82%
Sara Mestas5723.81%
John Palau2441.63%

Here are the updated totals for the San Leandro City Council races where Pauline Cutter and Michael Gregory were the winners.

District 1:

David Anderson442033.43%
Michael Gregory879766.53%

District 5:

Pauline Cutter723654.30%
Corina Lopez608545.66%
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