November 2, 2010

Council Approves $10k Reward for Monarch Bay Killers; Takes Step to Extend Pot Moratorium

At its meeting on November 1, 2010, the San Leandro City Council unanimously approved a $10,000 reward for information leading to the apprehension of the individual(s) responsible for the double homicide at Monarch Bay Golf Course on October 9, 2010.

The Council also approved and issued a report that is required before it can extend the moratorium for an additional 22 months and 15 days on "medical marijuana dispensaries, marijuana cultivation facilities or other land uses" should Proposition 19 be approved today. The extension of the moratorium will discussed at a City Council Work Session on November 8, 2010, and is scheduled for a voted at the November 15, 2010, meeting.

In seeking the Council's approval of the $10,000 reward, San Leandro Police Chief Ian Willis stated his case to the City Council, "Unfortunately, through normal means of interviewing and asking them to cooperate with us and give us the information has not worked. As you can figure, they are probably fearful of retaliation. So our next option is to offer this reward and hope that our detectives are able to go back out and speak to some of the witnesses and get them to come forward."

Vice Mayor Ursula Reed asked if American Golf, the firm managing the golf course for the City, might be willing to match the City's reward. Willis responded, "Well I'm hoping they'll do a match. They haven't committed to anything yet, although they have said they are very interested in putting forth some money toward a reward."

In response to Councilmember Diana Souza's question about the source of the money, Willis said that "The money will come out of existing budget money for…in our investigations division for consulting. We have money budgeted there that we can use."

According to Willis, the last time the City offered a reward was in 1996 in a fetus homicide case and before that, the Evelyna LeBlanc murder at Jefferson Elementary in 1994. Rewards were not paid in either case: LeBlanc's case was solved in 2007 based on DNA evidence while the 1996 fetus homicide case remains unsolved.

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