October 26, 2010

San Leandro District 1 City Council Candidate Libbrecht

Carol Libbrecht became the third candidate for the San Leandro District 1 City Council seat earlier this month, after both candidate forums were held.

In order to provide voters with some more information about Ms. Libbrecht, San Leandro Bytes asked her some questions, including those that were asked at the second candidate forum.

Q: Why did you decide to run?

A: I entered the race because I feel that I can add a new demention [sic] to the council.. I was raised in this town, went through the public school system here, have a home, and business here for many years.  I have been involved in many organizations in San Leandro as well as going through the Chambers Leadership program.  Leadership taught me that no one person can achieve the ultimate goal, you need a group of people working together as a team.  I feel that I can bring a positive attitude to the position..

Q: Why didn't you file during the nomination period?
A: I entered the race after the nomination period because I was urged to do so.  Did not realize the level of support that I had in the community until family, friends and clients pushed me to be a write in candidate as an alternative choice. 

Q: What is your reaction to the headline story in the San Leandro Times about the recent rash of robberies in the City and what do you think is the solution to this problem?

A: The San Leandro Times robbery reports are alarming.  We need a strong police dept. but they can't be everywhere.  I would like to see more neighborhood watch groups and residence educated that it's ok to call the police dept if they see something suspicious.  National night out is good but we need more than one night a year for people to get to know each other.

Q: What specific plans do you have to identify and secure sustainable funding to open and operate the senior community center?

A: We need to make this a priority.  Council needs to be assertive and clear of our priority with staff. Finding a non profit organization to manage the center.  There are organizations out there we just need to find one SOON? 

Q: What is being done to bring new large companies to San Leandro? What type of incentives would you recommend you offer?

A: I have been involved in and with business for many years.  We need to update the San Leandro Business Plan and check to see why other towns can reinvent themselves and bring in new businesses.  Need to offer business incentives and retention packages to reinvent our town.  Also needs to be a transparent process. 

Q: Do you feel Measure Z could have a negative impact on our City? Might big ticket items such as cars be purchased in other cities, thus decreasing revenue?

A: All towns are looking to increase revenue.  Union City is asking for a 1/2 %, San Leandro is asking 1/4%.  We have to do something to keep our police, fire, and services strong.  My biggest concern is the 7 year time line, but I do like that it will be reviewed by a citizens oversight committee.

Q: What are San Leandro's plans for electric vehicle charging stations, specifically the Callan Start Garage Project?

A:  Exciting to realize a state of the arts structure.  Great start need to be innovative and promote green technology.  Looking forward to future green projects.

As a write-in candidate, Libbrecht's name does not appear on the ballot and must be written on the ballot to vote for her. The election will be held on November 2, 2010.

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