October 21, 2010

Third Candidate Joins Race for District 1 City Council Seat

On October 11, 2010, Carol Libbrecht qualified as a write-in candidate for the San Leandro City Council District 1 race. Libbrecht, whose name does not appear on the ballot and has had just 10 days to campaign, faces an uphill battle against incumbent Michael Gregory and former Oakland School Board member David Anderson. Libbrecht's supporters will have to write her name on the ballot in order for her to receive a vote.

Libbrecht entered the race about 3 weeks before the election and has an ad in this week's San Leandro Times. She owns Hair Trap Designs on E. 14th St. and is on the boards of the California Cosmetology Association, and the Boys and Girls Club of San Leandro. According to her ad, she is also a member of the San Leandro Historical Society, Alta Mira Club, and San Leandro Downtown Association.

Libbrecht's entry into the race means that there is a small chance that ranked choice voting (RCV, aka instant runoff) could be used for the District 1 San Leandro City Council election if neither Gregory or Anderson receives more than 50% of the vote in the first round.

The election will be held on November 2, 2010, and the deadline to register to vote has already passed.

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