October 7, 2010

District 1 San Leandro City Council Candidates at Second Candidate Forum

The District 1 San Leandro City Council candidates met at a second forum on Thursday, September 30, 2010, to make their case to San Leandro voters. Former Oakland School Board member David Anderson is seeking to unseat incumbent San Leandro City Council member Michael Gregory. Gregory was elected to the City Council in 2006. The forum, sponsored by the League of Women Voters and the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce, was held at the Marina Community Center.

Here are the candidates in their own words:

Opening statements:

What is your reaction to the headline story in the San Leandro Times about the recent rash of robberies in the City and what do you think is the solution to this problem?

What specific plans do you have to identify and secure sustainable funding to open and operate the senior community center?

More after the break.

What is being done to bring new large companies to San Leandro? What type of incentives would you recommend you offer?

Do you feel Measure Z could have a negative impact on our City? Might big ticket items such as cars be purchased in other cities, thus decreasing revenue?

What are San Leandro's plans for electric vehicle charging stations, specifically the Callan Start Garage Project?

Closing statements:

Posted by Mike Katz-Lacabe at October 7, 2010 7:52 PM | TrackBack

could anybody explain,why we need to increase taxes,
and take new bonds
of course school board members ready to pay their
developing friends 108 millions yesterday,50 millions today,they can count with +/- 50 millions accuracy,because it's our wallet ,not their own,they ready
to pay 6 digit pensions from our pockets of course .
there are thousands uninsured people in the city,some of them with cancer and without job,who count every dollar,who use month dose pills for three month,
may be mr.Katz you will start from more urgent problems, than one more water pool or soccer field,
many outstanding players came to soccer from very poor fields, may be you advise students to keep healthy diet and jogging for beginning.there are other ideas on city budget, but you prefer to hear himself only.very soorrrrryy about it

Posted by: jeff at October 11, 2010 5:56 PM
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