September 12, 2010

City Council Candidates Anderson and Gregory at Candidate Forum

Below is more video from the candidate forum at the Marina Community Center on September 8, 2010, this time from the San Leandro District 1 City Council candidates. In San Leandro city elections, Councilmembers must reside in specific areas, but everybody in the city votes for candidates in each City Council district.

The candidates for San Leandro's District 1 City Council seat are David Anderson and Michael Gregory. The position is currently held by Gregory, who was elected in 2006 after his sole opponent withdrew.

Opening statements of the District 1 City Council candidates:

What does your Council oath of office mean to you?

Do you intend to rollback unsustainable salaries and benefits and sales taxes in San Leandro?

If you are elected, what is the most important thing you will get done while you are in office?

More after the break.

Tell us about what is your plan for the San Leandro Marina.

What are you going to do to strengthen the families in our community?

What specifically will you do to bring new stores such as Trader Joes and Whole Foods Market to San Leandro?

What ideas do you have that are new that would bring revenue to our city?

There are two Wal-Marts in San Leandro. Can you attract businesses to San Leandro other than Wal-Mart and 99-cent stores?

The School Board adjusted retirement benefits for retirees in 2000. The City Council did not. When would a proposal to limit pensions and mandate contributions by employees be appropriate?

Closing statements of the District 1 City Council candidates:

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