September 11, 2010

Mayoral Candidates at the Candidate Forum

If you missed the candidate forum at the Marina Community Center on September 8, 2010, you can still see and hear it all with the videos below.

The candidates for San Leandro Mayor are former School Board member Stephen Cassidy, Rent Commissioner Sara Mestas, former construction manager John Palau, incumbent Mayor Tony Santos, and City Councilmember Joyce Starosciak.

Opening statements of the Mayoral Candidates:

How do you differentiate yourself from your other Mayoral candidates?

What specific plans do you have to identify and fund resources to open and operate the Senior Community Center?

What is your position on pension reform and why do you feel that way?

More after the break:

What is your approach to solve the budget: more taxes or service cuts?

What is your plan for the San Leandro Marina? This includes the marina, the golf course, restaurants, any developments on that site.

Store fronts are looking trashy on E. 14th Street. Businesses are impacted by the roadwork in the middle of the street. What is your plan to clean it up?

Mayoral Candidates Closing Remarks:

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