August 13, 2010

State Water Board Lists Lower San Leandro Creek as Impaired

The 9.3 miles of San Leandro Creek closest to the San Francisco Bay were recently listed by the State Water Resources Control Board as impaired because of trash and the chemical diazinon. Lower San Leandro Creek had already been listed as impaired because of diazinon, but the update to the Clean Water Act now includes trash as a determining factor in whether a waterway is impaired. The trash in Lower San Leandro Creek was attributed to illegal dumping and urban runoff carried by storm sewers. Diazinon is an organophosphate insecticide that was used to control insects such as cockroaches and fleas and was used on golf courses.

Upper San Leandro Creek, on the other hand, supports a cold freshwater habitat and was listed as supporting some beneficial uses. It was not listed as impaired.

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