August 11, 2010

Candidate Statements from San Leandro Mayoral Candidates

San Leandro Mayoral candidates may submit a 200-word candidate statement that will be mailed to voters with the sample ballot. In order to submit a statement, the candidate must submit the estimated $1,200 fee with the San Leandro City Clerk.

Below are the candidate statements for San Leandro Mayoral candidates. Tony Santos, the incumbent was elected in 2006. City Councilmember Joyce Starosciak was elected in 2004 and re-elected in 2008. Stephen Cassidy served on the San Leandro School Board from 2004 to 2008. Sara Mestas was appointed to the Rent Review Board in December 2009. No information was available about John Palau and he did not submit a candidate statement.

Stephen H. Cassidy:

I'm running for Mayor because I care deeply for San Leandro. I bring new leadership, a willingness to listen, and solutions to our challenges. Our gem of a city is threatened by record deficits, crime, and cuts to vital services. As Mayor, I will restore fiscal discipline to City Hall. I will lead by example, refusing a salary until the budget is balanced. Instead of last resort tax hikes, we must reform pensions by asking employees to contribute their share, enact structural changes, and eliminate excessive.overtime. I'll use my experience as a business owner and attorney to attract businesses, grocery stores, and restaurants. This will create jobs and fund our police, senior center, libraries, and pools. Imagine San Leandro a prosperous, thriving community. Our hospital is critical to San Leandro's well-being; I'll fight to keep it. My wife is a former public school teacher. We are raising and educating our daughters here. As School Board trustee, I proposed the Ninth grade campus, championed the Performing Arts Theater, and will collaborate with our schools, supporting student programs from a balanced budget. Elected officials, commissioners, school board trustees, community leaders across San Leandro support me. Working together, let's make San Leandro a safe, vibrant, sustainable city.

Sara M. Mestas:

My name is Sara M. Mestas and I'm running for Mayor of San Leandro because it is time for us to get back to the good old days of education, safety, community, and caring. As someone who has a track record of breaking the mold, overcoming many challenges, and seizing great opportunities, rest assured I am capable of tackling big issues, offering bold ideas and solutions. I will stand my ground and answer first to the Citizens of San Leandro. I promise to track my success by delivering real results. I will be a hands on Mayor who is actively engaged 24-7. I attended Cal State East Bay with a Major in Bio-chemistry. I have held many high profile positions, Executive Marketing Director 6 years, Unix Systems Administrator Electronic Arts, EMT Children's Hospital Austin, volunteer Fire Fighter Austin, and I am currently self-employed. I am dedicated to seniors, public safety & fire, education, jobs, closing our budget deficit and creating a prosperous economy in San Leandro. I have a plan to cut spending, increase revenue, engage citizens, support education, and keep our streets safe all while keeping our small town feel. "Save the View, Save the Bay" 510-355-2789

Anthony B. "Tony" Santos

Serving the people of San Leandro, as Councilmember and now Mayor, has been my greatest honor.

We have achieved a special quality of life in our city, expanding and preserving open space, strengthening public safety, and keeping our city's financial base strong while other communities struggle.

Even in these tough economic times, San Leandro is moving forward. Under my leadership, we broke ground on the new Kaiser building, built the 9th Grade Academy, constructed affordable housing for our seniors, and preserved child care for our families.

I've taken the lead in preserving our quality of life, authoring neighborhood preservation and noise ordinances and establishing a neighborhood park.

We made San Leandro a "green" city, taking the lead in energy conservation and green building, expanding bike lanes, fighting airport noise pollution, and opening the Bill Lockyer Bridge to connect the bay trails.

With continued prudent management, San Leandro will go on delivering quality services. We will continue to create jobs, fight to keep San Leandro Hospital open, and make public safety our top concern.

Please join our Firefighters and State Senator Ellen Corbett and re-elect me as your Mayor to keep San Leandro the great place it is to live, work, and raise a family.

Joyce Rutledge Starosciak:

As your Councilmember I have been working hard to make San Leandro a better city. However, the Mayor sets the vision and agenda. Our city faces a severe budget crisis and tough choices need to be made. A fresh, positive change in leadership is needed in San Leandro. I am well-qualified to be Mayor, having served this city in public office for 10 years. I grew up in San Leandro and own a San Leandro business. Because of my work on public safety issues, I received the endorsement of the San Leandro Police Officers Association. Because of my work with the schools, I am endorsed by parents and teachers throughout our community. Over the past year I have walked every neighborhood in San Leandro. Citizens tell me they want quality shopping, restaurants, and development. They want streets repaired, ordinances against speeding and panhandling enforced, the senior center opened, schools improved, businesses thriving, and a police department that is fully staffed. These will be my priorities. I would appreciate your vote for Joyce Starosciak for Mayor of San Leandro. Working together to get it done, we'll make San Leandro a place we're proud to call home.

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