August 11, 2010

Candidate Statements from San Leandro City Council District 1 Candidates

San Leandro City Council candidates may submit a 200-word candidate statement that will be mailed to voters with the sample ballot. In order to submit a statement, the candidate must submit the estimated $1,200 fee with the San Leandro City Clerk.

Below are the candidate statements for San Leandro City Council District 1 candidates. Michael Gregory, the incumbent, was elected in 2006. David Anderson is a former member of the Oakland School Board.

David L. Anderson, Sr.:

I am a Candidate for San Leandro City Council, District 1. I am committed to making the City of San Leandro a better place today and tomorrow!

I have gone door-to-door and spoke to businesses, community members about issues and concerns and get their views on San Leandro. I have been hearing that we need a local hospital with emergency room; we need to repair our streets and need to support our youth to excel in school and more after school programs, ie. tutoring programs, sports & other extra-curricular activities, and a healthy environment. I will also advocate for the needs of our senior citizens.

I will bring a practical and analytical approach to develop and implement policies that gets to the heart of what is needed to protect and restore the City's revenue and fiscal stability.

It is time to turn our attention to the "Real Business" of protecting vital services by working in partnership with police, businesses, labor unions, Professional Organizations, and Government Agencies.

Tough times require community leaders with the courage to introduce new approach. I will work in collaboration with the community to develop our Marina and bring additional revenue, improve our schools and make our community safe.

Michael J. Gregory:

My wife and I have been your neighbors in this community for nearly 25 years. Our family is proud to call San Leandro home and it has been a privilege serving you on the City Council.

As your Councilmember, I advocated strongly for our schools, initiated the Safe Routes to Schools program, worked for affordable housing for seniors and working families, fought to preserve police and fire services, led the effort to save San Leandro Hospital, championed transit-oriented development and created a more environmentally sustainable San Leandro.

These are challenging times for cities, including our own, but we will weather the storm. We broke ground on the new Kaiser Hospital, recruited new jobs and businesses, mitigated traffic, and envisioned new ideas for the Shoreline.

I am running for re-election to preserve the qualities that make San Leandro special. We need to make our downtown a destination, expand economic development, improve the partnership with our schools, commit to public safety, and continue to deliver quality City services.

I have a vision for a better San Leandro and I want to continue to work with you to achieve it. It would be an honor to have your vote for re-election.

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