March 28, 2010

Hayward Demos Endorse Wilma Chan for County Supervisor

The Hayward Demos Democratic Club endorsed Wilma Chan for District 3 Alameda County Supervisor at its candidate forum on Saturday, March 27.

Three of the four District 3 candidates for Alameda County Supervisor were present for the forum, in which a number of prepared questions were asked followed by questions from audience members. Perennial candidate for office Lou Filipovich was invited, but did not attend the forum.

When asked about her accomplishments in the legislature, Chan responded that she "passed over 55 bills when I was there, and about 20 related to health care…one of the bills I passed, AB356, was the bill that blew the whistle on Anthem Blue Cross," referring to the 39% proposed increase in Anthem's insurance rates. Beverly Johnson said that "the greatest accomplishment I've had in Alameda is the construction of a new library…that opened about three years ago" in response to a similar question. In his response to how his professional experience as a financial planner relates to serving as a county supervisor, Harold Lowe noted that he worked with unions at American President Lines, worked with pharmaceutical companies, and worked with educators to make them more effective as examples of how he had practical experience rather than just "the theoretical."

On San Leandro Hospital, Lowe said that "it's interesting to understand that someone would talk about closing the hospital" when more people are going to have insurance and use hospital services. Lowe said that he would have "top-to-top conversations and broaden the conversation," but referred to Summit as the owner of the hospital (Sutter is the owner). Chan said that she was already working on the issue and there are two viable options: "one would be if Sutter would release the lease and another provider would come in and buy…the other option is for the County to continue the lease, but to do a hybrid model" keeping the emergency room open. Johnson said that she helped lead the process to keep Alameda Hospital open and that the current process needs to be stopped and "take time and really look at this." She sounded skeptical about Sutter's claims that San Leandro Hospital operating at a loss and said that we need to "develop a long-term strategic plan for delivery of health care services throughout the county."

The candidates also addressed questions about county childcare services, county general assistance funding, state and federal funding of county programs, and the three professional sports teams, the possibility of them leaving, and public funds for keeping them.

In the District 2 Alameda County Supervisor race, the Hayward Demos endorsed candidate Kevin Dowling over Liz Figueroa, Nadia Lockyer and Mark Green. Hayward Mayor Mike Sweeney received an endorsement as well, which won't matter much, since he is unopposed and will not appear on the June ballot. Finally, Hayward City Council candidate Sara Lamnin received the endorsement over Mark Salinas and Marvin Peixoto.

The election for District 3 Alameda County Supervisor will be held in June 2010.

Additional links to video from the candidate forum:

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