December 10, 2009

Main Library Now has WiFi

The main San Leandro Library now has wireless access for people who like to work at the library with their laptops. According to library staff, the installation of wireless access points was completed in November 2009.

Like the Washington Manor library, which has had wifi since it opened in 2006, wireless internet access is free of charge. To use the wireless network, connect your wireless device to the "San Leandro Library" wireless network. Then open a web browser such as Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, enter any URL (, for example) and you will be presented with a login page. Once you enter an email address to "login," you will be able to use the wireless network.

According to Information Services Manager Rayan Fowler, the main library has eight Bluesocket wireless access points, compared to two at the smaller Manor library. The internet connection is provided by TowerStream.

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