September 23, 2009

EPA Files Suit Against The North Face Parent Company

According to a press release dated September 22, 2009, "The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has filed suit against San Leandro based VF Corporation for the alleged sale and distribution of unregistered pesticides" by The North Face.

The EPA alleges that health claims The North Face made about antimicrobial agents in 70 footwear products violated the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act because The North Face failed to register the antimicrobial agents with the EPA. VF Corporation, the parent company of The North Face faces nearly $1 million in fines, despite ceasing and removing the claims.

Although the press release states that VF Corporation is based in San Leandro, the VF Corporation web site lists Greensboro, North Carolina as the World Headquarters. The North Face is located at 2013 Farallon Dr. in San Leandro.

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